Pretty Framed Jewelry DIY Idea

Guest post by Cori Kindred

hello friends!  cori kindred here with an easy diy project to pretty up your jewelry display (unless this is your jewelry - if so, i obviously have nothing to teach you). 

here's what you'll need:
~ a pretty frame (without the glass) - if you have a lot of jewelry then bigger is better (mine is 12" x 16")
~ a piece of foam core (1/4" thick) cut to slightly smaller than the inside of the frame
~ a piece of fabric cut to 2" bigger than the inside of the frame (i used vintage blue velvet i had been saving for just the right project)
~ masking tape
~ straight pins

cover the foam core with the fabric and tape to the back of the foam core (if the corners are bulky, cut them off and folds the sides over tightly).  insert into the frame, then lay out your jewelry until it looks just right.  insert straight pins and hang.  voila!  no more tangles, and it's practically it's own piece of art!  now don't you wish all projects were this easy??

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