The above two photos are courtesy of the Beacon Hill Showroom in Atlanta. The many mirrors are just to show how you can mix styles together, but you could do anywhere from one mirror to several depending on the statement for the space. To the Trade.
The above two photos courtesy of Smith Grubbs & Associates located at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Open to the trade only. If you would like more information, please email us at:

The three above photos courtesy of Webb Marsteller. A wonderful store for the trade located in Atlanta near the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Their main business is with designers but they will sell retail to the public. The perfect place to find great upholstery, art or accessories.
Webb Marsteller - 404-365-8161

Bench Seat

Zapatero "WAVE" Benches

Darker coloured bench has oil finish.
Beautiful, solid and comfortable.

Set 5 pieces $500.00

Modeling comfort is our dog "Blue."
I have other good chair designs. Call me if you are interested.
Blue was our willing model that day.

Bateng Chair.

Traditional Indonesian design, tried and true for comfort, strength and style.
$155 each depending on quantity

DESIGN STYLE: Unique Mirrors

Top: Sitara - Convex center mirror with a rust brown finish with silver accents, 35 x 35.
Top Middle: Raindrops Gold - Antiqued gold leaf with convex center mirror, 63 x 63.
Middle: Trawler - Etched mirror in antiqued silver, 39h x 26rd.
Bottom: Hoshi - Sunburst features antiqued mirrors in star points in heavy antiqued gold leaf, 35rd.

Top: Bromley Mirror - Beveled mirrors grouped in a black matte frame, 53h x 38w.
Top Middle: Christos Round - Antiqued gold with chestnut details & cream wash, 38rd.
Middle: Cyrus Round - Beveled center accented with smaller beveled mirrors in distressed antique silver, 34rd.
Bottom: Darwin - Numerous round mirrors grouped by antiqued gold leaf metal frame, 46h x 29w.

Hope you enjoy looking through the above mirrors from Uttermost. This wholesale company strives to find great accessories and mirrors at a great price. They have become one of the top companies to show at the High Point Furniture Market as well as having permanent showrooms for dealers throughout the country. You can look through more of their products at

Photos courtesy of Uttermost.


Top Photo: Il de France Collection
Center Top: Il de France Tableware
Center Middle: Xian Tablecloth (comes in blue too!)
Bottom: Embroidered Sheer - Estrella

Top Photo: Bavaria Bedding Collection
Center Photo: Dimanche Matin Collection
Bottom: Tyrol Collection

Pierre Frey! The above collections are all from Pierre Frey of France. You can purchase products from your designer or if you are lucky enough to be passing through Paris, you can stop at anyone of their stores and buy directly. I have always enjoyed visiting the wonderful design stores throughout Paris and London. While everyone else is at the museums, I love scouting out all the wonderful products available directly from the design studios. See the addresses below for Pierre Frey in Paris.
Printemps Department Store -64 Boulevard Haussman
Pierre Frey - 27 Rue de Mail
Pierre Frey - 1-2 Rue de Furstenberg
Pierre Frey - 22 Rue Royales


Beautiful mirrors shown above are from Global Views. They carry a unique variety for clients that crave the clean lines shown in all their accessories and furniture. Check with your local retailers of fine accessories or your designer. If you need more information, just email

Starting at the top: Round Gold Leaf - 19" diameter
Bull's Eye Mirrors - 7", 14" & 17"
Galt Wood - 36" diameter
Green Leather - 32" diameter
Iron Capitol Balcony - 35" diameter
Quatrefoil Gold Leaf - 34" diameter

Photos courtesy of Global Views.


Top Photo Left: Harmony Chandelier in Brass/Antique Water Glass
Top Right: Tempest Lantern in Gold Leaf/Antique Water Glass

Center Photo Left: Bismarck Chandelier in Textured Black
Center Right: Sunroom Chandelier in Bronze Verdigris

Bottom Photo Left: Retrospect Chandelier in Bronze Verdigris
Bottom Right: Venus Chandelier in Contemporary Silver Leaf

All the lighting is courtesy of Currey & Co. and is available through your local retailers or to the trade. These are just a few of the new additions from the High Point Market. Enjoy!

Top Photo Left: Revelation Chandelier in Antique Cream
Top Photo Right: St. Albans Chandelier in Old Iron/Antique Gold Leaf

Middle Photo: Margaux Chandelier in Gold Leaf

Bottom Photo Left: Stillwood Lantern in Bronze Verdigris
Bottom Right: Labyrinth Chandelier in Antique Bronze

Top Picture: Chancellor Chandelier in Distressed Silver Leaf

Center Picture: Twilight Wall Sconce , Rectangle in Harlow Silver Leaf (also comes round)

Bottom: Trilogy Table Lamps in Tortoise or Antique White

Top Picture: Continuum Table Lamp in Nickel
Next: Celestial Table Lamp in Nickel

Bottom Picture Left: Sojourn Table Lamp in Antique Ivory
Right: Allegra Table Lamp in Distressed Silver Leaf

All of the above fixtures are Currey & Company's newest from the Fall High Point Market. They are to the trade only but check with your local retailers or email us:


Valtekz is a collection of composite fabrics designed by C. Kemble, an award winning interior designer. The range of patterns gives you luxury along with quality and durability. They far exceed the industry standards for durability and ease of care. These patterns are suitable for sewing, nailing, gluing and tacking. Shown below are a few examples of the fabrics used in different applications. The beauty is astonishing as it looks and feels like real leather. But better!
Be sure to check their website for more photos and info. This collection makes a statement!
Photos courtesy of Valtekz.

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