Press Release: Zoë Barracano in Montpelier

Hanna Satterlee

WHO: Zoë Barracano, photographer & Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio
WHAT: Photographs NYC Rainy Day and Dance Performance
WHERE: Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio, 18 Langdon Street, Montpelier
WHEN: November Through end of December
WHY: Dance meets photographs in motion

Interim artistic director, Hanna Satterlee brings a cosmopolitan new flavor to the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio by inviting artists to show their work on the walls of the studio foyer. This year the studio has hosted works by Burlington based photographer Zoë Barracano. Currently on display is Barracano’s “NYC Rainy Day,” which can be seen now through the end of December.

In “NYC Rainy Day,” another side of New York is revealed through the blur of motion in the rain as the photographer travels Broadway from Times Square to Houston Street. The photos are painterly, vibrant and full of color, drawing a fresh perspective on Manhattan.

The current exhibition is a perfect match, blending the blurred motion from the photographs with the clear movement of live dance.

Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio is located on 18 Langdon Street in the heart of downtown Montpelier. A great time to see the new artwork, and what is going on in the Vermont Dance scene, would be at the next DANCE SHOW! On December 11th at 7pm, in the big studio (3rd floor, 18 Langdon Street).

Zoë Barracano has had previous shows in New York and Los Angeles and has published photographs in newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the New York Sun. To see her photographs visit The next display at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio will be Barracano's "CUBA" to be presented at the beginning of January.

For more information regarding this performance or the studio, visit,
Or please contact Hanna Satterlee at

Winter Greens

A little bit of holiday greenery today, courtesy of the November issue of House and Home.

Photo Credits:
1. Stairwell, home of Sarah Richardson, Photo by Michael Graydon
2. Home of H&H's Suzanne Dimma, Photo by Michael Graydon
3. Branching Out Feature, House & Home, Produced by Stephanie White and Michael Penney, Photo by Virginia MacDonald
4. Home of H&H's Suzanne Dimma, Photo by Michael Graydon

Herbie's Auction

I’ve always been fascinated by trees with names, but we’ll talk more about that some other time. Right now I want to focus on one specific tree by the name of “Herbie”. Herbie was a 217 year old elm tree, and held the official title of the biggest elm tree in New England. It towered 110 feet above Yarmouth, Maine. It was about 8 feet in diameter at the widest point. Herbie died from Dutch elm disease. The only reason Herbie lived as long as he did was because of the loving care of Yarmouth’s tree warden, Frank Knight, who cared for the tree for over 50 years. Frank is 102 years old himself. I’m not making this up folks. It’s a great story.

Herbie had to be cut down in February of 2010. That in itself was no simple task. We’re talking about over 40 tons of wood, and about 6,000 board feet of usable lumber.

If you read this blog, you know I believe there is something special about these old trees. You also must know that I believe that the spirit of the tree is, in some way, reincarnated in the beautiful and useful objects that are made from their wood. The good news is that even though Herbie the tree may be gone, he is still alive in his wood. When Herbie came down, Chris Becksvoort, a New Gloucester furniture maker found himself in charge of the wood distribution. He had the great idea of letting artisans and craftsmen use the wood from Herbie to create objects that could be auctioned off. The auction would raise money for the Arbor Fund of Falmouth to plant new trees. He got his idea from the Onetree Project in England where artisans did the same thing with a 170 year old oak tree that was dying and had to be cut down.

Over 80 artisans and artists participated creating over 300 objects for the auction. Objects included benches, tables, carvings, lamps, bowls, vases and an electric guitar. There was even a mobile made from paper from Herbie. The auction was held two weeks ago and netted $25,000 for the arbor fund. Click on the links to see an article on the auction and a video of a news report on the entire story.

This is the guitar made from Herbie wood by Andrew Olsen of AO Guitars.

These turned and carved vases were made by Jacques Veresy.

Reclaiming the wood from any old tree is a great idea but I think that using the wood from an important historical tree is very special. Apparantly The people at Historical Woods of America agree with me. Visit there website and find out more.

Have you ever crafted something out of wood from a special old tree?

Thelermont Hupton Studio


Moormann furniture


Virtual Tour

Click here to view our virtual store tour.

Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Will Bryant

Today we're really excited to share with you the first of our Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide! It's fun to see what they all come up with, and our first, Will Bryant's is nothing but rad!

Contributor post by Will Bryant

Happy Holidays, folks! Here's my take on what you should be picking up for that special person in your life, most likely the man/brother/crazy uncle you're trying to find the perfect gift for.

I'm currently searching for a new pocket knife and came across this amazing Roose Bone Handle Knife this week. I love the story that comes with it as well.

This woven waxed twill Archival Clothing Rucksack would look sharp under the tree. You could wear it empty or fill it with your stuff!

Honestly, any print by Sonnenzimmer would make an amazing gift. I especially love this abstract poster for a Chicago art exhibition "Let there be Geo" that featured work from Jeff Canham, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, and more.

From my days in Boy Scouts I developed an interest in Native American culture. Drinking from these ceramic Totem Cups would make any beverage better.

This leather stitchedPresent & Correct Homework Pencil Pocket is just what someone who is obsessed with pens and pencils needs. It also comes with schedule sheets to list your appointments! #organized

What better way to cope with spending too much money during the holidays than by looking at another person's Obsessive Consumption! Ha, this book by my dear friend Kate is filled with her personable line drawings that tell a story in full color.

My wife and I love blankets. This rad collaboration between Geoff McFetridge x Standard Blanket is the bees knees. Geoff is one of my all time favorite makers in the whole world. If you're in search of more blankets you should peek at the wonders created by Pendleton.

Antoine Dodson showing up in your stocking might seem strange, but this Hide Yo' Kids Mug would be a huge hit.

Andy Smith's "I Pretend to Work" print should be on any designer's list. It's available through the Soma Gallery.

Living in Texas you have to own cowboy boots, I just happen to own them as house slippers. I received a pair of Cowboy Kickers last year and have thoroughly enjoyed laughing at my feet every evening.

For additional gift ideas you should totally check out the guide by Svpply and the Official Clifton Burt 2010 Holiday Guide for the Male Humans in Your Life.

Hindsvik: Neorustica by Jahara Studio

Contributor post by Hindsvik

Brazilian Designer Brunno Jahara of Jahara Studio created this beautiful collection of furniture made of brightly colored discarded scrap wood strips.

The collection is an homage to Brazil's rural traditions and culture and each piece is named after a Rio de Janeiro shanty town.

The bright colors and scrap wood symbolizes the living conditions of people that moved from the countryside into big cities searching for a better life (i.e improvised homes made of scrap.)

The collections also includes tables, desks and benches painted white with slivers of raw wood showing through. Each piece is finished with a laminate made of recycled PET bottles and non toxic paint.

We love the contrast of the old dark wood with the rustic tops in these storage cabinets.

Jahara teamed up with a furniture factory which specializes in working with wood leftover from construction and demolition sites. The factory is now launching NDT BRAZIL, an international brand committed to working in a sustainable and design-concious way.

Hope you liked this beautiful collection of furniture and we'll see you next week with more!

-Daniel and Valeria of Hindsvik

Keep your Clothes Neat and Organized!

Amish Bedroom Furniture Eco Friendly Oasis 62" Low Dresser
Every bedroom needs a Dresser for the safe keeping and organization of clothes. At, we have a large selection of Amish handcrafted Dressers for you to browse and look at. The quality of all these Dressers is top notch as they are all built right here in the United States by Amish craftsmen using Solid Wood. These Dressers will last a long time and you'll be glad they do, once you see how beautiful and elegant they are.

Amish Bedroom Furniture Solid Wood Louis Philippe 66" Dresser

Dutchcrafters' Amish Dressers are shipped as one piece so there is no assembly required. They are also built to order so that you can order a Dresser that is customized to your specific tastes and liking. Stop going from store to store looking at generic and mass produced Dressers that will not look nearly as good as the Dressers from Dutchcrafters which are handcrafted by the Amish.

Amish Bedroom Furniture Old English Mission 66" High Dresser

Celerie Kemble and F Schumacher: Matching Fabrics!

One of our most downloaded photos is this one below from the fabric collection of Celerie Kemble that is sold through Schumacher. We love these fabrics and decided to show you the same fabrics in another colorway! A great example on how to combine fabrics to get the maximum impact and look in your room.

Mineral Colorway:

Mineral colorway - Hot House Flowers in Mineral; Bleecker in Twilight; Betwixt in Charcoal/Ecru; Glimmer in Mineral.

Spark Colorway:

The floral fabric is Hot House Flowers in Spark. The fabric is 100% linen with a large tropical botanical motif.

The top geometric fabric is Bleecker in Spark. Clean lines with a beaded pattern on 100% linen.

The small pattern on the bottom is Betwixt in Peacock/Seaglass. A woven textured fabric on 100% cotton. A best seller!

 The Glimmer fabric that goes with this group is color Spark or Peacock (see below).

 All photos courtesy of F Schumacher fabrics and The Designer Insider.

Poppytalk Handmade Gift Guide: The Woodland Princess

In case you missed my gift guide over at Etsy yesterday, here's another segment, more can be seen here.

1. Meow Mitts by Tiny Owls Magic Attic
2. Little Mushie Terrarium Kit by Cori Kindred
3. Patent Leather Carry Case by French & English Confectioner's
4. Forever Cupcake and Stand Set by Small Stump
5. Red Cedar Mixed Media Piece by Cori Kindred
6. Hand felted Dahlia Flower Brooch (White) by JurgitaMi

Knitted Letterpress

A very wintery trend that's been going on for a few years, the knitted look still lingers, and what's nice is seeing it morph into different mediums. This time into papergoods by Brooklyn-based letterpress Paper Sheep. (Related fun fact:) December's House and Home featured the look in their Trendwatch column.

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