Designer Staples: Topiaries...

Life is in the details, and so is design.

In fashion, when you put together an outfit, it's never complete until you've put on a killer pair of shoes, statement necklace or chunky bangles around your wrist. When it comes to interior design, the same concept applies. When creating a living room for example, you decide on the layout, furniture, area rug, lighting fixtures etc... But your room will not look or feel complete until you've incorporated "the little things" such as throw pillows, picture frames or decorative vases. Upon the countless hours I've spent browsing through beautiful design images, I've started to notice certain staples that all designers use time and time again. One of those key accessories is topiaries. Next time you feel like your room needs a little "Je ne sais quoi" perhaps a topiary will do the  trick!

Bella Mancini Design

Ashley Goforth Design

Veranda Interiors

HGTV Pure Design

Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech Photography

Atmosphere Design

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Affordable Art (PM Edition): Elizabeth Mayville

Whether images of seedlings, wildlife, local buildings or family members, Elizabeth Mayville 's paintings are a reflection of her adoration for "home" as well as the quiet anxiety that stems from being invested in something so beautiful and so completely temporary.

Elizabeth earned her BFA in 2006 and has been painting and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan ever since. She's completely bananas for any simple painting or drawing that is well executed and has a good sense of light and color.  See more of her work online:

poppytalk handmade:  Table 98

Fresh From the Oven: Blake Suarez

Contributor post by Will Bryant

Good ole Blake Suarez is one of my buddies here in Austin. He's a recent transplant from Florida that joined us here in Texas with his lovely (recently featured) girlfriend. Blake, much like myself, found a groove early on in college and started developing a client list as a young fella. Recently, he's spending too much time at the pool, but his work isn't suffering from it. Hope you enjoy looking at his unique style and charming characters!

More from Blake:
- Portfolio
- Dribbble
- Flickr
- Twitter

Enjoy the Fresh Air with an Amish Hickory Swing!

Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Two Person Rocker Style Porch Swing
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Two Person Rocker Style Porch Swing $552.00
There is nothing quite like enjoying the fresh air outside while sitting and relaxing on an Amish Hickory Swing from  These Hickory Wood Swings from the Blue Mountain Hickory Collection are truly a delight when they are hung in your backyard, porch or patio.
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Rocker Style Porch Swing $325.00
Like all of the furniture from Dutchcrafters, these Amish Hickory Swings are handcrafted and made to order by Amish Craftsmen. They are dedicated to making quality furniture that will last a long time and can be passed on as an heirloom to the next generation within your family. The Hickory Swings from the Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Collection are made using Hickory Twigs and your choice of either Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, or Hickory Solid Wood.
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Deacon's Bench Style Porch Swing
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Deacon's Bench Style Porch Swing $462.00
Not only do you have the option to pick which specific hard wood you would like to go with the Hickory Twigs for your Amish Swing, you also have the ability to add an outdoor finish and choose from multiple stains to get the ideal rustic and country look and style you’ve been searching for.

NEW Outdoor Furniture!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

All New Shell Lamps!

Three great new choices in shell lamps:

Capiz Shell Table Lamp
This new lamp is already a best seller! It is covered with natural Capiz shells in a fish scale pattern. How unique! The shells are all applied by hand and range from cream to taupe in colors that may vary. This is a larger scaled lamp at 34" high with a larger shade. BUY NOW at The Designer Insider, item #C06380.

Stacked Shell Table Lamp
This new lamp is already a best seller! The square base is made of natural shells that have been stacked for a unique effect. The shells are encased in concrete for strength and sit on a black wood base. These shells vary in color from gray to taupe to off white. Size: 30" high with rectangular boxed shade. BUY NOW at The Designer Insider, item #C06862.

Stacked Shell Orb Lamp
The base of this lamp is made of natural shells that have been stacked for a unique effect. The shells are encased in concrete for strength and sit on a black wood base. The shells vary in color from gray to taupe to off white. This lamp is perfect for a taller chest due to its 26" height, but has a wider shade. Size: 26" high with round shade. BUY NOW at The Designer Insider, item #C06863.

All of these new lamps and more can be purchased at The Designer Insider shop.

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Styling - Margot Austin, Photography - Michael Graydon for Style at Home (July 2011)

I'm busy behind the scenes today trying finish our June Lookbook which I hope to have out tomorrow - and so in the meantime I leave you with this lovely photo from the July issue of Style at Home and a few links:

I wish I was here right now.
This cake is like a painting (via Cafe Cartolina)
I'm loving these grey shutters
Ready to get baked?
A great post on participating in the National Stationery Show from beginning to end.
In case you missed it, we've chimed in on the UO debaucle.


PRESS RELEASE: Jessica Hatheway Scriver at Block Gallery, Winooski

Jessica Hatheway Scriver continues her exploration of maps in the exhibit of new paintings entitled “Re-Mapped.” Where she once collaged maps into her paintings, she now constructs her own and uses map imagery to draw upon comparisons of biological, geological and urban complexities.

Please join The Block Gallery & Coffee House in Winooski for a wine tasting and opening celebration on June 3rd from 6:30 to 8:30pm. “Re-Mapped” will be on display through the month of June.

PRESS RELEASE: North East Masters of Fine Arts exhibition, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe.

Seven Artists Selected as the Best of the North East Masters of Fine Arts, an exhibition opening June 10, 2011 at Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, VT.

Best of the North East Masters of Fine Arts Presented by People’s United Bank

Helen Day Art Center is the first institution in New England to offer an “introduction” show to participants in MFA degree programs in the North East. The Exhibit will connect visitors with the strongest emerging artists from New England, Quebec and New York, while giving those artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a new audience of local Vermont residents and visitors.

When Helen Day Art Center decided to organize an exhibition to include the best artists of the next generation, they had no idea what to expect. “We wanted to bring some of the most impressive new talent in the North East to Stowe, Vermont to exhibit their work. We never expected the number of submissions that we received.” Said Nathan Suter, Director of Helen Day Art Center and Curator of the exhibition which opens on June 10th at 6:00. An Artists’ tour starts at 5:30. “At the deadline there were 107 artists who sent their work for the jury to consider.”

The jury process took place over two days in late April and resulted in seven artists selected. The Jury was composed of some of the rising stars in contemporary art curation and interpretation; one artist-curator, two curators, and one art historian:

Nina Gara Bozicnik, MA, Assistant Curator, Currier Museum of Art

Dina Deitsch, MA, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art DeCordova Sculpture Park + Museum

Anthony Grudin, PhD, Assistant professor of Art History, University of Vermont

Rachel Moore, MFA, Fulbright Fellow and Independent Curator, Co-Founder of Spoke: Chicago

Though the artists all were active MFA degree candidates at schools in New York, New England or Quebec, the final 7 are from a much broader geographic range - signaling the increasingly global community of artists. They hail originally from the U.S., London, South Africa, South Korea,

Mexico City and British Columbia. Their work includes photography, painting, sculpture, video, site-specific installation and social practice / intervention work.

Artists Selected:

Jennifer Cawley, Photography, Rhode Island School of Design

John C. Gonzalez, New Genres, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Joo Lee Kang, Painting / Drawing/ Printmaking, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Francisco Moreno, Painting, Rhode Island School of Design

Christopher Page, New Genres / Sculpture, Yale University

Melanie Perreault, New Genres, Concordia University

Robert Watermeyer, Photography, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

The exhibition will be curated by Nathan Suter, Executive Director, Helen Day Art Center


Nathan Suter

Director & Curator

Helen Day Art Center

Stowe, VT 05672

(802) 253-8358

images: Jennifer Cawley Untitled (Airstrip, Vietnam), from the series Re/constructed Narratives of the American War in Vietnam,

archival inkjet print, 2010

Melanie Perreault, Bamboozled Box Social, 2007, cardboard, paper. 375cm x 600cm x 400cm

Robert Watermeyer, Landfill, Worcester, 2010 archival inkjet print

Lavish laundry rooms...

I spend my entire week dreading laundry day. There are few tasks in this world that are as mundane as doing the laundry... To make matters worse, most of us must journey into a cold, dark basement in order to access our catacomb-like laundry rooms. It's no wonder we don't consider it to be an enjoyable activity!

Reluctantly, I've learned to accept that its just gotta be done. So I started thinking, if I could cheery-up the color scheme and design of my laundry room than at least I would reap some sort of enjoyment out of it. As I started doing some research, I stumbled upon some gorgeous laundry rooms. If mine looked anything like the pictures below, I'd be doing not only my own laundry but also the neighbors!

Case Design/Remodeling Inc.


Visbeen Associates, Inc.

Urban Grace Interiors

Design Moe

House & Home

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Sarah Richardson

Jane Ellison Design

Meredith Heron

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