Amish Dining Room Furniture made with Hickory Wood!

Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Mission Trestle Table
If you’ve been searching for unique and rustic looking Dining Room Furniture for your Lodge, Cabin, or Home. has just what you’ve been looking for. The Dining Room Furniture from the Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Collection includes Tables, Sideboards, Hutches, and a Kitchen Island all handcrafted by the Amish using Hickory Twigs and your selection of either Red Oak, Maple, Rustic Adler, Cherry, Walnut, and Hickory solid wood. 
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Lake and Lodge Table and Chairs Dining Room Set
Hickory Wood is an ideal hard wood for Indoor Furniture because it is both very durable and shock resistant. The Amish Craftsmen that make this stunning Hickory Furniture steam and treat the Hickory Wood in order to shape it and remove any and all insects.  The Hickory Wood used is also Eco-Friendly because it is harvested from Hickory Saplings that are grown every 3-5 years.  Because every piece of furniture from the Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Collection is made to order and handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly alike. 
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Hutch
So what are you waiting for?  That cabin or lodge of yours isn’t going to furnish itself.  With Dining Room Furniture from the Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Collection, you can be rest assured that your purchase of a Hickory Table, Hickory Hutch, or Hickory Kitchen Island will last a long time, is made in the USA and will give your Dining Room that Rustic or Country look and feel that you have long been searching for.

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