Vintage scarf collection: Display Idea

Guest post by Rikkianne Van Kirk of You Sentimental Idiot

I collect Vintage Vera scarves.  I actually have over three hundred of them!  I am always on the look out for ways to put the collection to use instead of being shelved in the closet.  I looked to Jan for some ideas and she had me thinking of alternative ways to frame them.  Frames can get expensive especially when dealing with odd sizes so I went down to my studio and looked around.  I remembered that I picked up a few embroidery hoops on sale at the craft shop.  I brought those up from the studio and played around with the scarves.  I found that the hoops were a lovely display for a collection because of the ease of switching them out and the fact that they are harmless to the scarf.  Instead of using a nail to hang the hoop, I used your common thumb tack.  The tack is covered by the scarf and easy to rearrange.  This display is so simple!  Lots of folks use hoops to display antique handkerchiefs, textiles, etc.  Why not add vintage scarves to the mix?

Rikkianne Van Kirk

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