April in Paris...

it is that time of year ... the time of year when, until 2008, I would get itchy feet and dreamy-eyed for a trip to Paris, my favorite city.

you've heard all of the reasons to visit Paris in April ... the gardens awash with daffodils and fruit tree blossoms ... the beautiful Parisiennes flaunting their spring finery ... those glorious sun-filled afternoons where the entire city seems to have snuck out to play hooky.

Temperatures average in the 50s and one of the best ways to appreciate the abundance is to select one of the ubiquitous cafés and stake your claim on some prime, people watching real estate. Treat yourself to a café au lait and pain au chocolat while you enjoy the parade ... or, if it is the right hour, a glass of red to sip.

April is the month for packing layers.  You can awaken to a gloriously brisk morning, sun yourself over lunch at a sidewalk café and reach for your umbrella that afternoon as you dash to the metro.

It won't be too late to check out the Banlieue Jazz Festival or the Foire au Trone (funfair), similar to a county fair with rides and such...

Whatever you choose, daydreaming or actual visit, I'll be there along with you as you indulge in another April in Paris ...

Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2009!

Below are examples of products found at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2009 that ended this past week in New York. There were exhibits by more than 300 premier home furnishings companies. Included were manufacturers, retailers and design firms representing the finest luxury goods and professional services in today's marketplace. We have chosen a few unique items coming to the marketplace that you may see in the near future. Enjoy the view!
Cottage Lanterns - Rustic handmade lanterns in several styles and finishes from Brass Lighting Gallery.
Aviva Stanoff - Designer - Various velvet and silk pillows handmade with an Asian and contemporary flair.
Color Drops - Unique objets d'art from Desoto Glass.
Shabby Colors Flooring - Unique designs and colors in tongue and groove flooring in glue down style. From Perfect Interior Design.

Ground Works Collection - From Lee Jofa, 100% cotton woven fabrics in eight colorways.
Abacus Suspension Chandelier - Suspended low voltage halogen light in aluminum and steel. Circular style also in bronze. From David D'Imperio.
Chalice Dining Table - From QDG Design - Shown with Lorenzo Chairs, multiple colors available.

How to add warmth to your home

Maybe it's not so fashionable these days, but I still love the look of rough, battered, textured wood.

I think a touch of wood can really 'ground' a room.

I don't have a single room in my house that doesn't have something in warm, earthy wood.

Painted furniture is popular, and I like that too, but I couldn't have everything painted, sometimes you have to let the true beauty of the wood shine through.

I think wood looks particarly good teamed with white.

Wood also looks fabulous teamed with other textures.

I think the colour and texture of wood adds a warmth to a room like no other.

Wood that is old, battered and scratched appeals to me most, for its sense of history.

My favourite 'wood' picture.

I like the raw, scrubbed sort of look as opposed to highly polished and glossly.

Fashions come and go, but in my opinion, nothing makes a room look comforting and warm like wood.

Best wishes,

Still searching

I was on a mission on the weekend to find a little white cupboard. No luck this time, but I will keep on searching.

But while I was out and about, I did find some other little treasures that I couldn't resist.

The rolling pin is vintage, from Denmark. I needed a rolling pin, and I thought this one was beautifully handcrafted and simple.
The silver icecream scoop has a wonderful patina, despite being new. I'm not really in to 'fake' old things, but this was too beautifully made to pass up.
The wooden brush is for cleaning kitchen items that can't go in the dishwasher. I love how an everyday item like a washing up brush can also be beautiful - function and form melding together beautifully! No plastic scrubbing brushes for me.
I also bought an old soda syphon bottle - a Woodroofe's bottle, which is a South Australian company. It is now sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards and if I find some more I might just start a small collection.
And finally, I bought some vintage style stickers. I have no idea what I'll use them for yet, but just thought they were so lovely and might come in handy for something!
The ironic thing is that I didn't buy a single one of these while at Strathalbyn yesterday. I bought these all on Saturday when I was supposed to be looking for fabric! The antique shops at Strath were full of china cup and saucer sets, cut glass, toby jugs and the like, which aren't really my thing. The few things I did like (some tiny silver boxes, a vintage electrical fan, some kitchen goods) were very very expensive - about double what I thought they would be. But it was a very pleasant day with the most beautiful sunny weather, and I got to sit on the grass by the river and chat to my friends after a leisurely lunch, so it was still worthwhile!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good start to your week!
Best wishes,

Parisian Style For Outdoor Furniture!

Fermob is a company from France that produces great outdoor furniture in 27 luscious colors! The lacquered steel gives a high protection treatment for outdoor use and the powder coating is 100% polyester baked in many great colors. Their motto is to produce furniture that decorates the garden in a relaxed way. The furniture is creative in color, high quality, attractive and comfortable. They produce 400,000 pieces each year and exports make up 45% of their production. The line is carried in small shops and certain items can also be custom ordered. Pleasure is derived from the positive effects of nature and I think Fermob has exceeded my expectations!
See below examples of some of the colors and styles offered. Contact us for more information.
Castille Collection .
Plein Air Collection.
Charivari Bench!
Mesh Dune Side Chair.
Mesh Dune Sunlounger.
Chair and Footstool from the Luxembourg Collection.
Plein Air Collection Folding Table.
Alize Collection Sunlounger.

Folding Bistro Table with perforated or solid surface top.
Fermob's 1900 Collection showing bistro style furniture.

Back by Demand! A good old fashioned rummage sale and sidewalk BBQ at Mignonne!

So Much Fun We're Doing It Again! ... And Again! And Again!

Special "Earlybird" Hours 

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3/28/09 and ALL the April Saturdays!

We've done our Spring cleaning to make way for new goodies!

We cleaned out our front and back rooms to bring you a fun Saturday with 


And best of all 


Don't miss our special guest

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All hand hunted and HI- Fashion!
***dressing rooms available***

On a mission

antique sign mari eriksson

mari eriksson

Images Mari Eriksson – An Angel at My Table

I have a little mission: most weekends over the last couple of months I’ve been visiting my favourite auction house looking for a little cupboard that I can paint white. I want something that will tuck into a corner of my living room that I can fill with toys and top with a lovely mirror. It needs to be a certain height and width to fit nicely.

For me, half the fun of decorating is the searching - the thrill of the chase, the challenge of finding just what you have pictured in your mind, at the right price.

I’ve found a number of things that have caught my eye at the auction house, like an old typewriter and a beautiful antique perfume bottle with silver lid, but I missed out on both unfortunately – my absentee bids were too low. And my little cupboard has so far proved elusive.

So this weekend, in addition to going to the auction house I’ll also going a little further afield to Strathalbyn - a small town about an hour out of Adelaide that has some good antique shops. I’ll be going with a couple of friends, and we’ll stop and have lunch at a nice cafe, so it should be a pleasant day. Hopefully I will find what I’m looking for, but even if I don’t it should still be fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes,

Hallmarks of rustic Italian décor

Continuing with the theme of international décor, we thought we'd share some tips on Italian style, both rustic and country.

* Italian country homes typically have whitewashed walls, or you may find warm terra cotta tones selected as accents.

* Textiles and bedding are whites, creams or neutrals and are most often dense cottons which stay cool in warm weather and can be laundered easily (think freshly laundered sheets flapping in warm sunshine ...)

* Generous use of natural woods ... both exposed ancient beams and in massive furniture pieces. Dark wood tones are prevalent.

* Flooring is commonly stone or tiles ... again in shades of terra cotta and reds. With warm Italian weather, cool tile flooring is a balm during those summer seasons.

* Exposed brick and stone is guarded or restored in old Italian country homes, providing an authentic rustic atmosphere.

Kusmi Tea

selina lake via desire to inspire

I’m in love with this picture by stylist Serena Lake. The old battered bread tin, the pretty blossoms, the touches of silver – I’m in love! 

But what really does it for me is the Kusmi Tea canisters.

kusmi tea christmas blend

Kusmi tea earl grey

I adore the colour and design. I must get some!

So now I’m on the hunt for some Kusmi tea in Adelaide. I’ve been to a specialist tea retailer and the gourmet food hall of a department store, but haven’t found it yet. But I will find it, by hook or by crook!

The only thing is….I don’t drink tea……better start trying I guess!

Best wishes,

Highland House: Cottage Styled Furnishings

For 50 years, Highland House has been know for their excellent quality, fantastic fabrics and forthcoming styles. The furniture is more than just beautiful, it has unsurpassed comfort and classic styling. From Cottage to French to European, the styles and fabrics are endless and offer something for everyone. I have used Highland House on several projects and am always amazed at the beauty and quality. Below are photos of Highland House pieces that have a cottage style flair for those with Summer cottages on the brain! Enjoy the view! Please contact us for more info on any of the pieces.
Etienne Chest
Hilcot Settee
Calcot Folding Table
Burford Bench
Skirted Dagmar Chair

Beryl Tufted Chair
Excursions Baker's Rack
Excursions Wood Bed
Linnea Accent Chair
Tewkesbury Hall Table

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