Top Ten Budget Renovations - Adding Value to Your Home

Many of us are staying in our homes longer and plan on some level of renovation this year. I have listed my top ten fixes to add value to your home on a budget.

1- Paint, Paint, Paint! – I cannot stress enough the changes you can make in your home with a can of paint. It is the easiest and most cost efficient way to refresh old and worn surfaces on a budget. Paint your interior as well as your exterior for a new and updated look. Interior painting can include your cabinetry, walls, trim, furniture, etc. Exterior painting can include your trim, siding, stucco, brick, shutters, foundation, etc. Start painting!

2- Change Your Doors! – Changing your front and back doors can do wonders for the overall style and look for your home. You can find closeout doors at home centers, salvage yards, antique stores, flea markets, etc. Find a door that matches your home style and discard old and worn doors that date your exterior.

3- Lighting Matters! – Updating light fixtures inside and out can change the overall appearance to your home. You can find lower priced fixtures at home centers, lighting stores (they have clearances each year), Craigslist and don’t forget stores like Ikea. There are also a lot of stores online with closeout lighting (Smart Bargains, etc.). Just look around and you can find a light fixture that fits your needs at a great price.

4- Deck or Patio Redo! – Nothing hurts the look of a home worse than a lack luster entertainment area. Restain your deck, use concrete stain for the patio or make a new area from salvaged bricks or stones. Salvage yards have brick and outdoor materials from buildings that have been demolished. Antique bricks are sometimes easy to find here!

5- Remodel Bathrooms! – One of the top renovations for home resales are bathrooms. Keep the colors neutral for long term style and redo what is only in your budget. Change out cabinets for pedestals if you need to make your room look larger. Repaint or stain cabinetry and change out the hardware. New plumbing fixtures can also be found on a budget in closeout centers. Learn to do tile installation yourself with free classes at the home centers. Each change you make will bring you closer to a new bath.

6- Update Kitchen! – This can be an expensive proposition so do what you can toward updating the kitchen. Changing hardware and just cleaning the cabinetry with special products can make the overall appearance more updated. If new cabinetry is not in the budget, then think paint or stain for your old cabinets. Purchase new appliances when possible and keep a look out for dented or slightly used ones at clearance centers. You can save a bundle.

7- Flooring Updates Too! – Update your flooring to hardwood wherever you can and use prefinished for affordability and ease of installation. Engage a friend for help with installation or this may be one place you need to hire a professional. If sticking with carpet, then look for remnants with any carpet company.

8- Improve Systems! – Changes that are aesthetically pleasing or help your home with efficiency are worth the trouble. You can update heating, electrical and plumbing whenever it is within your budget and improve your efficiency rating. This is where you will need help from a professional. They can make changes within a few days.

9- Landscaping! – The overgrown shrubs and trees at the front of your home make it dark and outdated. Most homeowners like a more clean and fresh look with little maintenance. Buy new plants at the end of the season or when they are on sale. You can stay within budget by doing a few at a time and the new look will be amazing.

10- Clean and Cleaner! – The cleaner your home and property looks, the more value it retains. Keep your property and façade clean and fresh and add new flowers in a few pots for color. A well maintained home is a good value!

All of these tips can help you keep the value of your home at the top! Remember to always shop around for the best deals, get help when you need to and trade out help and products with other professionals. I even traded out my services with my dentist! Enjoy renovating and keep your home in top condition! It is one of your best investments for the future.

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