Dutchcrafters American Classic Reproduction Chairs are representative of the past when 18th Century craftsmen built these chairs one at a time!

Dutchcrafters American Classic Reproductions Collection proudly handcrafts 100% American made furniture using the same techniques developed by our forefather’s 100s of years ago. The three wood construction, the deep carved seats, and the hand-wedging of each Windsor Chair, Windsor Rocking Chair, Windsor Settee and Windsor Bench is representative of the past, when 18th Century craftsmen built these beautiful chairs one at a time.

The American Classic Reproductions Collection dining room tables, accent tables, bar stools occasional pieces are also built per customer request using traditional methods.

While this collection is not Amish it is American made and we feel the quality justified it being included for sale on Dutchcrafters. The woodworker enjoys a long history in the furniture trade and traces his wood-working roots back more than a century.

American Classic Reproductions Collection Furniture is an investment that will stand the test of time. It is heirloom quality and with proper care will pass to generations to come. Today, individuals are realizing the importance of safe, quality products that are also environmentally friendly. These same individuals are also starting to rethink disposable purchases and are seeking alternatives for the future. American Classic Reproductions Collection’s contribution to better living starts with offering sustainable solid wood furniture backed with a signature guarantee.

Please visit our website http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ or call our helpful sales associates at 1-866-272-6773 for more information on our American made furniture!

Skagerak Teak Tray

Skagerak Teak at JMX International

Available is three useful sizes. The Teak Fionia Tray is a true classic. It was actually the first gift item produced by Skagerak Denmark and is now an icon of classic Danish design. The Teak tray is a common feature of many Danish homes and makes a perfect gift.

Make the best of your ship’s galley, barbeque or kitchen with the Teak Fionia Tray. It is a quality teak product made by Skagerak that will retain its utility year after year. The flexibility and style of this piece are reflected in its design, reliable material and careful processing. Teak wood contains natural oil, which makes it resistant to moisture. You can expect to get decades of enjoyment and use out of your Teak Fionia Tray.

With all of our Skagerak Teak kitchen items to choose from, you can fashion a distinctive theme for your home kitchen or ship’s galley that will last for years to come

Dutchcrafters is proud to sell dining room chairs from the Keystone Collection!

Dutchcrafters is proud to sell quality solid wood furniture from the Keystone Collection. Keystone Collection has been producing quality handcrafted furniture for over over two decades now. Their commitment to excellence, integrity of design, and insistence on the finest woods and craftsmanship slowly built a reputation for the Keystone Collections.

Your dining room chair gets the most use and abuse in your home. Here are a few construction details that allow our Dutchcrafters Keystone Collection to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all their Amish handcrafted dining room chairs.

The Keystone Collection’s Windsor Dining Room Chairs, Bow Back Dining Room Chairs, and other Bow Back Chairs use an intensive method of bending that combines steam to make the wood fibers pliable, and extreme pressure to form the correct shape. These solid hardwood bent parts produce a chair that has a definite strength advantage over their plywood counterparts.

Many of the Keystone Collection dining room chairs make use of super-strong mortise and tenon joinery, an age-old woodworking technique that has never been improved upon.

A specially formulated glue that goes beyond strength and longevity is used in all of our Keystone Collection dining room chairs. They build in a little elasticity that allows joints an imperceptible bit of elasticity, keeping the joinery in your chairs tight, wobble-free and functional for years to come.

Below are a few other of the Keystone Collections Chair Quality Features. Expert craft and care goes into every piece of this Amish handcrafted furniture. Hundreds of meticulous acts assure that solid hardwood is transformed into solid furniture, so durable it lasts a lifetime. So the real beauty of this Amish furniture is that the beauty lasts.

Chair Quality Features . . .

Solid Wood Construction.

Handcrafted from Appalachian red oak, Pennsylvania red cherry, or Northern rock maple.

Leveled Chair Leg. A precision-engineered saw cuts all four legs to ensure the chair sits level and flat on the floor. Chair legs are precisely trimmed and angled to sit solidly on the floor and also to give a very comfortable posture.

Finger Joining on Frame Chairs. Each corner of the frame chairs are permanently fused together by finger joining, a unique glue, one lag anchor and two screws. We fasten the hardwood securely.

Saddle Scoop.Provides optimal seating comfort.

Finish. Finish Begin with the end in mind. Start by choosing one of the hardwoods. End with selecting how to finish it. Premium water resistant conversion varnish finishes are standard, custom stain and paint colors are available. And remember, the pictures you see on our website do not convey the exact colors and textures of wood, leather and fabric. Ask to see actual samples. More are available than shown here.

The chair is expertly finished to leave a silky, smooth feeling. The underside of the chair is sanded and finished for beauty and to prevent warping and cracking. Two coats of sealers are used with sanding in between. The premium grade conversion varnish that is applied to all of our furniture is hard, tough and resistant to common household chemicals. This protective finish resists the absorption of liquids left on furniture surfaces and helps to eliminate watermarks.

Craftsman Signature.

Every chair is signed and dated by the craftsman who assembles it.

Call 1-866-272-6773 or visit online at http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ to all all of the Amish furniture in the Keystone Collection!

Damask Wallpaper and Fabric: Jane Churchill Patterns

I love Jane Churchill! The fabric and wallpaper patterns always feel so fresh and new! I often visited the small Jane Churchill shop when I was staying in London. Wonderful pillows and great gifts were always calling me! If you are in London, stop by this wonderful shop and enjoy the beautiful fabrics and patterns that can be bought on the spot!

One of my favorite patterns is Milcroft. It is luscious!! This fabric is shown above on the chair in the Beige colorway. This fabric is Belgium made and is a viscose/polyester/linen blend that works for upholstery or draperies. See the other three colorways below! Aqua, Red and Green.

The damask wallpaper above is Leonara shown in the colorway Cream.  Leonara comes in 6 colorways and is printed in the United Kingdom. Colors:  Cream, Aqua, Red, Taupe, Siver and Gold/Black. See the Red colorway below.

If you are in London, visit the Jane Churchill shop. A chance to buy something wonderful and beautiful without going through a designer, otherwise this company only sells "to the trade".

Jane Churchill Interiors
81 Pimlico Road
Subway: Sloane Square


Mignonne now has the most amazing pillows in store ... for some time now, Johnelle has been collecting vintage textiles during her travels and scouting ventures ... and now we have partnered with a great artisan to transform these textiles into beautifully designed pillows and cushions for your home.

These are well-crafted, handmade accessories for any room ... they are functional, too! They've been designed with zippers to remove and clean the covers, the pillow interiors are down.

Definitely worth checking out the next time you stop in!

Visit Dutchcrafters.com for information on handcrafted Amish breakfast nook sets!

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in comfort and class with one of Dutchcrafters Amish breakfast nook sets. Call our helpful sales staff at 1-866-272-6773 for assistance.

Use this coupon code nook2010 to receive $100 off our solid wood Amish handcrafted Breakfast Nooks Sets through August 17, 2010! Not valid with any other offers!

All of our Amish furniture is proudly made in the USA! Visit http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ for more information on our Amish breakfast nook sets and other Amish dining room furniture! Upgrade your kitchen breakfast area with one of our gorgeous Amish handcrafted breakfast nook sets today!


This was sent to us by Vermont painter, engraver, and muralist Sam Kerson. Click on the image to get a larger, readable version.

The Spanish below says, "And you go back to Ireland, blondie?"

Shells and More Shells!! Seashell Furniture Gone Wild!

Shells and more shells! This beautiful furniture will bring an air of something special to any room in your home. Check out these gorgeous pieces below!  All furniture can be purchased through The Designer Insider, just contact us.

Seaside Console Table - This stunning creation of natural shells and metal coral brings the sea to life on this unique console. The mixture and colors of the all natural shells makes this table fascinating and a signature piece for a special room. Gorgeous!! Size: 63" wide x 22" deep x 35" high.

Whimsical Seashell Sideboard - This is a great piece with the whimsy of natural shells that are placed over and over to form this unique chest. A glamorous chest for a special place. Size: 32" wide x 21" deep x 33" high.

Elegant Seashell Console - This table is a stunning creation of natural shells, metal coral and a stone top.  A glamorous table that is a great signature piece for a special room. Size: 59" long x 19" deep x 34" high.

Beachcomber Shell Table - This small yet unique table is perfect as a great accent in a special room. The all natural shells are combined to provide details along with the scallop shells that add more details to the legs. Size: 20" round x 28" high.

Seashell Chest of Drawers - Beautiful shells are multiplied over and over to give this piece its magic. The addition of unique drawer handles finishes the design of this chest. Size: 32" wide x 20" deep x 33" high.

Contact us for more information:  thesource@numail.org.

REVIEW: Henry Steiner at ArtSpace in Tunbridge

by Justine Sinclair

Good photography can make the most mundane place or situation vibrate with transcendence, transforming it into art. Sometimes photography can be so manipulated digitally that it loses its authenticity and becomes artificial and 'artistic'. But Henry Steiner has been photographing the real word with authenticity for the last six decades. In an exhibit entitled Around the World in Eighty Years at ArtSpace (in the Tunbridge Library), Steiner gives us a glimpse of the world he has traveled, always the real world, raw and alive. His work is documentary and personal, and these intimate photogrsphs help us know the world. Camels in the Gobi desert. Early snow on a Tunbridge barn. Child in a ghetto, Jamaica.

A photographer walks the thin line between observation and intrusion. In his photograph, Observant villagers in India, Steiner shows 2 old men sitting on their haunches. They stare at Steiner; Steiner stares at them. What are they thinking? How does the photographer maneuver his or her way into a world of backstreets and hidden alleyways? In another photograph, Audience dressed in their finery in Bhutan, even though there are over 100 people crammed together on the ground, no one appears to be conversing, nor are they focused forward on anything in particular. What are they doing? Why are they all dressed up? They could have been sitting in that one spot for hours, having run out of things to say to one another. In Family business in Bolivia, a mother and her young child, no more than 2 years old, sit beside straw hats piled on the ground for sale. What is the little boy or girl doing with that old piece of cloth? Collecting money?

In Lady in the dark an old woman stands in a stone doorway in Crete. She is dressed in black against a backround of black which affords the viewer only her head and hand, weather worn and lined. And yet, she is posing for this foreign man who wants her to pose for him. Perhaps she feels beautiful in his lens. She is.

Another is a photograph of a weathered boat at an abandoned British whaling station in Antartica, looking like an Andrew Wyeth painting. A Canadian waterfall looks like drapes of iridescent silk. A pond in Bellagio, Italy an impressionist painting. Icebergs, turquoise granite.

In the last photograph are 2 shadows wearing broad hats at the Luxor Station beside train tracks: the photographer and his wife. It is hot and dusty; there are probably flies hovering around his lens. They are at the end of an exhausting trip, "mere shadows of their former selves." In order to give his photographs of the world to the world, he must walk many a dusty mile.

Thank you Henry Steiner, professor emeritus at Harvard Law school, resident of Tunbridge, explorer and chronicler of human rights, for these amazing photographs, for hovering in the shadows.

A must see exhibit at ArtSpace, Tunbridge Libray, curated by Marsha Higgins. The show runs until September 6, 2010. Hours: Mon & Wed, 3 - 8, Fri, 3 - 6; Sat, 10 - 4 and Sun, 11:30-1:30. RT 100, 802.889.9404

PRESS RELEASE: Brenda George at Blinking Light Gallery in Plainfield

Brenda George has a well-used "blooper bucket" for the practical recycling of failed experiments in clay. "I love seeing how far I can push this medium," Brenda said, and if someone tells her "you can't really do that with clay," all the more reason to find a means. From August 5th through the 29th, you can catch a selection of Brenda's pottery at the Blinking Light Art Gallery in her show titled And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon. There will be a reception for the artist on Sunday, August 15th from 2:00-5:00 pm.

Much of Brenda's work uses motifs from nature, but otherwise her pieces take exuberantly diverse artistic paths. Part of her collection features bowls, mugs, teapots and other tableware. These she differentiates with a variety of finishes. Some pieces have simple flowing glazes. Others have painted scenes or richly textured designs. As an outlet for her love of carving, she also makes decorative sculptures - some that cross true living forms with elements of enchanted beings. She has a colony of nodding ceramic mushrooms. She makes outsized, caress-able snails with shell designs not found in nature. Her most whimsical work may be her sculpted figures - both human and animal -- intended as toppers for outdoor fence posts.

Brenda grew up around fence posts. She was raised, lives and works on Stilbroke Farm, a family operation on Luce Road in East Calais going back several generations. In recent years the Georges installed an eclectic farm shop. There, Brenda's pottery shares space with her sister's woodenware, their mother's jams and pickles, cuts of dad's grass-fed beefalo, cartons of farm eggs…and more. Brenda's farm ethic infuses much of her art. "I like to produce things that people will love to take home, but that are meant to be used," she said. As with everything produced on the farm, Brenda said, "If I can't make something people can afford to buy, I don't feel good about selling it."

The Blinking Light Gallery is located on Main St. just off Route 2 in the village of Plainfield, Vermont. Hours of operation are generally Thursdays from 2 to 6 P.M., and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. For information call (802) 454-0141 or visit www.blinkinglightgallery.com. The goal of the arts organization behind the Blinking Light Gallery, founded in 1999, is to promote the creative work of regional artists through a cooperatively-run, community-centered operation.

PRESS RELEASE: Four Artists featured at Chaffee Art Center in Rutland

The Chaffee Art Center is featuring four artist members during the Annual Summer Member's Exhibit. The featured artists are Nancy Weis, Richard Brown, Mary Crowley, and Lois Macuga. Their work can be seen at the ChaffeeArt Center through August 8, 2010. A closing reception is being planned for Saturday,August 7 from 4 until 6 pm.

Nancy Weis, an installation artist, has recreated an archeological site on the floor of the Chaffee. Her installation entitled Time Layers VII explores anthropology as a metaphor for universal meaning. Weis writes in her artist statement that "Physically in archaeology, and procedurally in scholarship, we uncover information in small, unconnected bits, allowing one fragment to draw us in search of another. Human beings classify things, assign meaning to them, and arrange them in ways that are meaningful to other human beings, but which may be understood very differently in different contexts. Our fascination with mysterious fragments tells as much about ourselves as about the cultures that produced them."Nancy Weis has recreated this installation several times, each time reflecting on the current season and location. The installation incorporates natural elements and sound.

Richard Brown is featuring his photographic homage series. Each photo is an homage to a famous artist, and/or piece of artwork. Brown uses the unique perspectives of each individual he is paying homage to in creating an image of his own. The twenty three images on exhibit includes homages to Claes Oldenburg, Alexander Calder, Georgia O'Keeffe, Ellsworth Kelly and Grant Wood. The exhibit offers a viewer a wealth of art history knowledge. Each image includes a historical discourse of the person and/or the work being honored and highlights distinctive characteristics of the work.

Mary Crowley is exhibiting her collection of monoprints and collages that were created during a stay at a workshop in Santa Fe, as well as a woodblock workshop held by Sabra Field in Tuscany. Crowley has become well-known in the area for her children's book I Love To Visit My Grammy. She has books and prints from the book for sale.

Lois Macuga is exhibiting her collection of watercolors. Macuga focuses on nudes, natural scenes, and landscapes. She is a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society, has taught art and shown her work throughout New England.

Images: Nancy Weiss installation Time Layers VII

Contemporary Fabrics: Featuring Romo

Want to transform your room to a more contemporary style? Do it with fabric! Shake up your rooms by using more contemporary fabrics on traditional furniture. Recover some of those old pieces and feel new again with great fabrics! We are showcasing Romo Fabrics, a great company known for their beauty and style in more contemporary designs. All of these fabrics are cotton and rayon blended weaves for great durability.

Sofa pattern:  Peruzzi, comes in seven colorways.
Drapery pattern:  Fiora, comes in nine colorways.
Roll pillows:  Rivo, comes in twelve colorways.

Headboard pattern:  Arioso, comes in eight colorways.
Duvet pattern:  Rosette, comes in eight colorways.
Duvet reverse:  Mila, comes in eight colorways.
Bed pillows:  Rivo, comes in twelve colorways.
Stripe pillows:  Anciana, comes in seven colorways.

Chair pattern:  Anciana, comes in seven colorways.
Pillow pattern:  Mila, comes in eight colorways.

All fabrics are from Romo and sold to the trade. contact us or your designer. All of these fabrics are part of the Fiora Collection.

Dutchcrafters Amish Furniture Pie Safes are handcrafted by Dutch Amish craftsmen using Old World techniques!

Dutchcrafters Amish Furniture Pie Safes - Handcrafted In The USA!

The pie safe was an important piece of furniture in American history. Dutchcrafters solid wood pie safes are not antiques but they have the look and feel of the one you remember in your Great Grandmother’s kitchen. All of our pie safes are handcrafted by Dutch Amish craftsmen using Old World techniques. A pie safe will help to complete a country touch to your home décor as well as provide you with useful storage.

Pie safes have been used for hundreds of years to store a lot more than just pies! Pies, cakes, breads and all other types of baked goods were stored in pie safes. Storing the baked goods away in the pie safe kept them safely away from pests and helped them to last longer. The punched tin door panels that are popular on many styles were used to circulate air in the cabinet and also keep out bugs, dirt and hungry kids. The ventilation also helped to keep the baked goods cooler. Sometimes pie safes were a combination of a pie and canned goods storage.

The pie cabinet or pie safe was most likely introduced to the United States by the German people that immigrated to Pennsylvania and became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. The Pennslyvania Dutch offered a new furniture solution to the problem of storing your baked goods. This new functional and fashionable furniture cabinet was very in style in the 1800 before the iceboxes were introduced. We don’t often store our baked goods in the pie safes anymore but they are still fashionable for storing a variety of other things.

Dutchcrafters replica pie safes are great for the kitchen, pantry or mud room. Pie Safes are also a great choice for linen storage in the bathroom or guest room. You can hide away the clutter of kid’s toys in a pie safe keeping that play room neat and tidy! Dutchcrafters Amish handcrafted pie safes are a classic piece of furniture that will serve various storage purposes.

Dutchcrafters offer pie safes in a variety of solid wood options from pine wood, oak wood, brown maple wood to cherry wood wood. Looking for custom dimensions or wood that we don’t offer as a standard option just give us a call at 1-866-272-6773 and we’ll look into having your pie safe custom made just for you. It was often commonplace in the early days for the lady of the house to custom design her pie safe to fit her kitchen and needs. This customization adds to the one of a kind uniqueness of the pie safe.

You may remember your Great Grandmother calling her pie safe a pie cabinet or a pie cupboard. They also are know as a kitchen safe, screened safe, tin safes, farmhouse pie safe, jelly cabinet or jelly cupboard. These 19th century replica cabinet will be a treasured heirloom for your family to enjoy for many, many years!

Visit http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ to view all our our handcrafted Amish furniture! All of our furniture is made in the USA! You can reach our helpful sales associates at 1-866-272-6773.

Our Top Favorite Small Wall Sconces!

Need a smaller wall sconce? Electric wall sconces not only come in many different styles but sizes too. Use these smaller sconces for down a hallway, around the wall in a large room or combine two next to a mirror. See our favorite smaller sconces below!

C05528 - These simple iron sconces are one of our few that are sold in pairs. The pleasing curves of all wrought iron is hand finished in our "old iron" finish. Matching chandeliers C09279 and C09620, and larger sconce C05519. Size: 11" high x 6" wide.

C05544 - Crystal sconces can come smaller too! This beautiful sconce is adorned with crystals on an iron frame finished in our distressed gold. Matches our chandelier C09544. Size: 11" high x 9" wide.

C05061 - This industrial styled sconce is part of our new industrial collection. The washed wood is mixed with our iron trim and rivets for that loft look. This smaller sconce is only 9" high x 4" wide. It matches our larger two light sconce C05062 and our new industrial chandeliers C09083 and C09084.

C05071 - This bronze glass shaded sconce is new to our collection and is small but sits a little higher due to the beautiful seeded glass shade. The finish is a bronze verdigris on a traditional styled sconce. Matches our larger two light sconce C05072 and our new chandelier C09298. Size: 15" high x 5" wide.

C05027 - We love this mirrored sconce because it can be contemporary or traditional! This iron sconce is covered in antiqued mirrors and distressed silver leaf on the edges. Perfect to use with shades or without. Size: 11" high x 6" wide.

C05104 - This beautiful silver smaller sconce is all hand applied silver leaf on iron with crystal trimming. Perfect to use with any shade that matches your decor, this shade is not included. Perfect smaller size at 9" high x 5" wide.

Click on any link for more information on these sconces. Combine our sconces with a chandelier and get a discount!  Contact: The Designer Insider.

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