Dutchcrafters Amish furniture offers a wide variety of Amish Windsor Dining Room Chairs

Our handcrafted Dutchcrafters Amish Windsor dining room chairs will make you want to sit around your dining room table longer! Our Amish made furniture Windsor dining room chairs have strong and durable construction that will last a lifetime!

The Windsor chair has been around since the late 17th century and is defined by its splayed legs, spindle back and sculpted seat. Windsor chairs get their name from the town of Windsor, England, where the chairs were used locally in the late 1600s. Windsor chairs were originally intended as outdoor lawn chairs and usually painted green. The original Windsor chairs had arched backs that country folk could slip a burlap bag over to block the wind. Later versions had a bracket at the top of the back for people to drape a coat. One story had the king of England taking refuge from a storm in a local cottage, where he sat in a commoner’s Windsor chair. The king liked the chair and decided to get chairs like it at his palace. That made the chairs popular with the upper class. By the early 18th century, Windsor chairs had made their way to England’s colonies in America.

When it was recognized how stylish and comfortable Windor chairs were, these dining room chairs quickly became a popular feature around the dining room table. The Windsor chair is valued by collectors for being comfortable and well-built with simplistic elegance. Dutchcrafters offer a wide variety of Amish Windsor chairs, including the Amish Sack Back Windsor, Amish Bow Back Windsor, Amish New England Windsor Chair, Amish Philadelphia Windsor Chair, Amish Low Back Windsor, Amish Eight Spindle Windsor Chair, the Amish Charter Windsor Chair, Amish Classic Windsor Chair, the Amish Birdcage Windsor Chair and many more.

All of Dutchcrafters Amish chairs and Amish dining room furniture are 100% solid hardwood construction. Our solid wood Amish furniture Windsor dining chairs add an attractive touch of style and class to any home or business environment. Unless otherwise noted, our solid wood Windsor Chairs are available in oak wood, cherry wood and maple wood.

It’s easy to find a chair just right for any taste or décor style with Dutchcrafters collection of Amish handcrafted furniture. All of our solid wood dining chairs and Amish furniture are proudly made in the USA!

Visit http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ for to view all of our Amish handcrafted furniture or call us toll free at 1-866-272-6773 for more information.

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