Upholstered Furniture - Choosing Custom Furniture

Upholstery - Choosing The Best Custom Furniture For Your Home

How do you choose the best upholstery?  The first rule is to take into account the use the furniture will receive and then choose the right strength, best properties and the most durable for the application. You shouldn't buy furniture just because of looks any more than you would buy a car just because it is pretty. Durability and stain resistance matters and you should receive the best of both. Below are some guidelines to choosing the best for your home and your budget.

If you choose to buy quality furniture, then here are the questions you should ask of your designer or salesman. Below are the top attributes that makes great upholstery stand apart from the mediocre.

Upholstery Structure:

1- Curved lumbar back support design
2- Double doweled joints
3- Corner bracing
4- Kiln dried hardwood frame
5- Eight way hand tied springs with sound proofing twine
6- Mechanical joint reinforcements
7- Leveling guides for legs
8- Double steel bands under each spring
9- Resilient arm forms
10- High strength elastic webbing for support
11- Sound proof covering over springs and webbing

Upholstery Covers:

 Back Cushion:
1- Ticking cover for down
2- White goose down/feather - 50%/50%
3- Baffled for shape retention
4- Reflex foam with inner support

Seat Cushion:
1- Individual springs
2- Springs covered in fabric
3- Urethane foam envelope
4- Down feather and polyester fiber - 50%/50%
5- Channeled down proof cover

Other Attributes:
1- Lined skirts and inserts, if using
2- Heavy deck pad
3- Fire retardant welt cord
4- Synthetic cotton covers for all inside and outside surfaces
5- Resilient seat edge

Fabric Choices:

After choosing the quality of furniture you are to purchase, then it is time to match the right piece with the right fabric. There are different fabric grades, but remember that they dictate how expensive the fabric was to make, not the durability. Below are questions to help you make the best choice when choosing a great fabric.
1- Where is the furniture going?
2- What is the percentage of use?
3- How durable do I need? Children or pets?
4- What fabric style will look best with my piece?
5- What colors will I consider?

After making these choices, then the fun begins! Choose a fabric and furniture piece that you love and that will fit into your lifestyle. If you are confused by any of the above information, then this may be the time to hire an interior designer. They will help make your choices easier and get the piece you want at the best price. And in the end, always choose furniture and fabric that serves your needs for the practical and the fashionable and don't settle!

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