Dutchcrafters solid wood Amish Stowleaf Dining Room Tables are our best selling tables!

Dutchcrafters Amish Stowleaf Draw Tables are our best selling tables! Everyone that has one of these tables handcrafted for them is so pleased with the quality construction! Leaf storage is tops with Dutchcrafters Stowleaf Tables. Instead of creating space to put the table leaves under the bed or in a closet you have them very handy with the dining room table. A very simple, sturdy, table slide mechanism allows for effortless movement when putting the leaves up and down!

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We’re not sure how many words the picture showing the strength of our handcrafted Amish Stowleaf Table is worth, but we’re assuring you that no shortcuts are taken in the design, workmanship, and durability of this dining room table! Our solid wood Stowleaf Draw Tables in the Keystone Collection, with the leaves outstretched, have a load rating of 200 lbs at the center of the outstretched leaf. They warranty their tables for a lifetime! The Keystone Collection’s Lifetime Guarantee ensures integrity of workmanship, giving customer’s peace of mind, knowing they have purchased a table that will give them many years of function and durability.

All of the Amish furniture Stowleaf Draw Table leaves are very stable, sturdy and strong! Call to order yours today at 1-866-272-6773!

Authentic breadboard ends and pull-out leaves are standard with Dutchcrafters Stowleaf Draw Tables. Each leaf and its hidden mechanism will support the heartiest feast without a hiccup! All of our dining room tables are made in the USA by American craftsmen! This means peace of mind to you, knowing you can experience the warmth and beauty of solid hardwood furniture for years to come!

Perhaps one of the most used (and abused) pieces of furniture in the dining area of our homes is the dining table. Not only used for meal-times, it is also used for extra counter space, or an impromptu desk. Dutchcrafters dining room tables constructed to handle heavy daily usage. Robust high precision wood slides and solid hardwood skirting are just a few of the many construction details that keep our tables functional for years.

All of our Amish furniture is proudly made in the USA! Visit www.Dutchcrafters.com for more information on our Amish dining room furniture!

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