Dutchcrafters Amish Furniture Pie Safes are handcrafted by Dutch Amish craftsmen using Old World techniques!

Dutchcrafters Amish Furniture Pie Safes - Handcrafted In The USA!

The pie safe was an important piece of furniture in American history. Dutchcrafters solid wood pie safes are not antiques but they have the look and feel of the one you remember in your Great Grandmother’s kitchen. All of our pie safes are handcrafted by Dutch Amish craftsmen using Old World techniques. A pie safe will help to complete a country touch to your home décor as well as provide you with useful storage.

Pie safes have been used for hundreds of years to store a lot more than just pies! Pies, cakes, breads and all other types of baked goods were stored in pie safes. Storing the baked goods away in the pie safe kept them safely away from pests and helped them to last longer. The punched tin door panels that are popular on many styles were used to circulate air in the cabinet and also keep out bugs, dirt and hungry kids. The ventilation also helped to keep the baked goods cooler. Sometimes pie safes were a combination of a pie and canned goods storage.

The pie cabinet or pie safe was most likely introduced to the United States by the German people that immigrated to Pennsylvania and became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. The Pennslyvania Dutch offered a new furniture solution to the problem of storing your baked goods. This new functional and fashionable furniture cabinet was very in style in the 1800 before the iceboxes were introduced. We don’t often store our baked goods in the pie safes anymore but they are still fashionable for storing a variety of other things.

Dutchcrafters replica pie safes are great for the kitchen, pantry or mud room. Pie Safes are also a great choice for linen storage in the bathroom or guest room. You can hide away the clutter of kid’s toys in a pie safe keeping that play room neat and tidy! Dutchcrafters Amish handcrafted pie safes are a classic piece of furniture that will serve various storage purposes.

Dutchcrafters offer pie safes in a variety of solid wood options from pine wood, oak wood, brown maple wood to cherry wood wood. Looking for custom dimensions or wood that we don’t offer as a standard option just give us a call at 1-866-272-6773 and we’ll look into having your pie safe custom made just for you. It was often commonplace in the early days for the lady of the house to custom design her pie safe to fit her kitchen and needs. This customization adds to the one of a kind uniqueness of the pie safe.

You may remember your Great Grandmother calling her pie safe a pie cabinet or a pie cupboard. They also are know as a kitchen safe, screened safe, tin safes, farmhouse pie safe, jelly cabinet or jelly cupboard. These 19th century replica cabinet will be a treasured heirloom for your family to enjoy for many, many years!

Visit http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ to view all our our handcrafted Amish furniture! All of our furniture is made in the USA! You can reach our helpful sales associates at 1-866-272-6773.

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