Expanding our chandelier offering

We will be bringing in more hanging chandeliers on offer, and we now have the means to display them. In Oakland, chandeliers were permanent fixtures, which made it difficult to offer them for sale. Or, when we did have them for sale, we were unable to light them.

Our new shop is all set to hang and display chandeliers for sale. We already have a couple up for sale, and will be rotating more of a selection in for you to consider.

Here's a recent example. This wrought-iron chandelier has been completely rewired. It reflects old world elegance with a beautiful, aged patina in delicious greens and browns. Ready to hang out in the perfect spot you're saving. Come by this week-end and check it out.

Home Decor: Ode To The Southern Pine

As a true southerner, we consider the pine tree a staple in our environment. They grow with vigor and are harvested to be used in many different applications. The Long Leaf Pine can be seen just about everywhere down south, so this is our ode to the Pine! All of these products have a pine motif and are unique and beautiful. Above: The Pine Bough Chandelier in a double tiered size, made of wrought iron. Contact us for more information on this chandelier and on any products below.
A beautiful botanical pattern of pine, oak and chickadees, available in fabric or wallpaper from Jaima Brown. Pattern - Chickadee from the Retreat Collection.
Pine Bough Chandelier in wrought iron with a pine botanical motif. Available through: www.TheDesignerInsider.com. Item #C09795.

Ann Sacks tile from the Algonquin Collection. Pattern: White Pine Cone Border - 3" x 8". Pairs with the tile seen below. Many colorways available.
Ann Sacks tile from the Algonquin Collection. Many scenes available, above is the Lake Scene 3. This 4"x 4" tile is available in many colorways.
Wallpaper and fabric from Thibaut in 4 colorways. Pattern: Evergreen - Brown.
Pine Bough wrought iron wall sconce with a pine cone motif. Sold through: www.TheDesignerInsider.com. Item #C05016.
Wall paper from Cole & Sons, sold through Lee Jofa. Pattern: Pine Bran - Neutral. More colorways available.

Etsy: Great Home Decor Products!

We are giving you a head's up on some great products from the great site: Etsy. These items caught our eye and we are spotlighting them for you. Check out many other great products found only on Etsy. Above: Unique lampshades made from vintage 1970's wallpaper. Great patterns available! Store: DrawFlowers.
Beautiful coordinated baby bedding in great patterns and colors. Store: Handmade First Class.
Great coordinating pillow covers in different patterns and colors. Store: Maries Cosy Cushions.
Beautiful handmade gift tags that are hand cut and hand stamped by Lisa Hannah. Store: Moth To A Flame Studio.
Woodblock designs on paper shades from Jeanne Mcgee.

another custom beauty from Mignonne!

You can purchase a beautiful repurposed furniture piece at Mignonne for far less than you'd pay for new. AND you'll have a one-of-a-kind décor item in your home ... instead of something you'll also find at your neighbor's house! OR bring your own item in for Johnelle to transform for you.

Stop by 2447 San Pablo Avenue (our new location) in Berkeley to see more wonderful furniture, as well as loads of other cool décor items.

Kravet: Furnishings That Inspire!

Kravet has always been known to be smart, stylish and modern. They are not just purveyors of wonderful fabrics! Their furniture, lighting and carpets are always in the mainstream and add just the right touch to any decor. Candice Olsen uses their furnishings and fabrics on her great show "Divine Design". Here we are showing you some of their stylish furnishings and hope you can imagine them in your own home! Above: The "Northport" upholstered bed includes the headboard and rails. It comes in a tall size (65"h) and a shorter size (56"h) as well as Queen, King and California King. Part of the quick ship program (3 weeks) and available in over 60,000 fabrics.

The "Larabie" is a resin lamp with a nickel bottom base. The shade shown is in off white linen. The lamp comes in blue as shown or clear or amber. Size: 38" high.
The "Madrid" sofa from Kravet comes in two lengths (long - 82 3/4") or (loveseat - 58 1/2"). Part of the quick ship program of 3 weeks. Chair also available.
This Kravet floor lamp is the "Venezia" with an aluminum base that is 55" high. Shown with an optional acrylic damask shade.
The Kravet lamp "Gina" is clear acrylic shown with a black linen shade. Size: 28" high. Other shades available.

Bibao Ottoman - An unusual ottoman because it is oval. Comes in a large or small size. The covered tab detail is standard. Small (shown) - 31"long x 25"wide; Large - 43"long x 31"wide.

All upholstery is available in 60,000 Kravet fabrics. Photos courtesy of Kravet.

Can a new home have character?

Planning on a building a new home, but concerned that it won't have the same character as an older home? Can you give your a new home some character? The answer is a resounding yes!

At the planning stage think about adding beautiful mouldings: cornices and skirting boards, and maybe even adding wainscotting or tongue and groove panelling (bead board) to your walls. Raising your ceilings to at least nine feet is also critical to give your home that old style feel. Recycled floorboards are another way to add a beautiful feeling of character and solidity to your home.

But let's face it, often the budget precludes people from doing some of the above things - they can be costly additions. But one thing that might just possibly be within reach of the average jo is architectural salvage.

I think it is really sad when lovely old homes get demolished, but the fact is, it does happen - often because the house is unsound or because it is cheaper to rebuild from scratch rather than renovate. But at least if they are going to be demolished, parts of the home can be salvaged for others to re-use.

With some patience, you might just be able to find a fabulous fireplace, a great bathtub or some wonderful old doors. And think outside the square - consider barn doors, doors from a pub, or shutters.

Not all architectural salvage is cheap - pieces from Europe can be costly. But if you look around, you might just get lucky. So patience could be required! I'm guessing you'd also need a builder who understands your vision and is willing to incorporate these treasures into your home.

So here's some images to give you some inspiration on how to add character using salvaged doors, windows and shutters. Some of them hide televisions and stereo equipment - clever!

Images 1 Atlanta Bartlett 2 Sally Wheat via Cote de Texas 3 Country Living 4 & 5 Scanned from Australian Home Beautiful 6 Mimmi O'Connell via Desire to Inspire 7 unknown 8 Scanned from Elle 9 & 10 unknown

I've had a really busy week - working extra hours at work because I'm off to Bali next week. And the weekend is full, full, full! So I'm struggling to visit blogs right now, but when I come back and have found my feet again, I'll be back with bells on!

Best wishes,

A place to create and dream

Yesterday one of my favourite bloggers, Struggler of Struggling to be Stylish wrote about Ballard Designs, and it reminded me of the first time I heard about this company. About ten years ago I bought an interesting book called A Room of Her Own, by Chris Casson Madden. It featured the beautiful office/study of Ballard Design's founder, Helen Ballard Weeks.

Author Chris Casson Madden explained the focus of her book:

"Many of us long to find the time in a busy schedule to relax and refresh ourselves, body and spirit. I firmly believe that in order to give back to our relationships, careers, families, and passions, we must pull in for short moments to take care of ourselves, then we can return to the people and places of our lives renewed, refreshed, and ready to continue the drama of our days with all the joys, sorrows, pleasures, and stresses that go with it."

A Room of Her Own: Women's Personal Spaces features the special places that a variety of creative and dynamic women from all walks of life have created as retreats from their busy lives.

"The connective thread, for all of these personal spaces, is that each one, in dazzlingly different ways, brings its owner the sense of solitude, of the sanctuary they need in their rich and engaged lives".

Here's the fabulous Helen Ballard Weeks, as featured in the book.

So many things about Helen Ballard Week's room intrigued me. The mannequins and the architectural salvage above the door immediately captured my interest.

I adored the natural seagrass flooring and the classic white sofa.

Helen Ballard Weeks' office is full of interesting bits of bobs, which she used as inspiration for her famous catalogue. This was her place to dream and create.

Sentimental photos are displayed beautifully.

Love the desk and the mirrored screen.

Helen Ballard Weeks is now retired. I'd love to see what her home looks like now, I'm sure it is stunning and full of interesting architectural pieces and French antiques.

I love seeing the personal spaces of creative women - they can be so inspiring. I think the message of this book - that women must create a sanctuary for themselves where they can rest and re-energise before they can give to others, is an important one we should all heed.

I hope you have a room of your own, or even a corner of your own to rest, dream and reinvigorate.

Best wishes,

The World of Bob Timberlake

Bob Timberlake was a realist painter that began his career in 1970 in his native state of North Carolina. His work has been exhibited throughout many galleries and museums during his long career. Publications exhibiting his work includes numerous magazines and seven books of his own. His awards are so numerous I am not sure we can list them all but we will give a good try! He has designed stamps for the US Postal Service, received honors by numerous President's in the White House and been the recipient of many awards throughtout his career. In 1990, he expanded and offered his designs through Lexington Furniture and began licensing products through 20 other manufacturers including home accessories, textiles and apparel. He has even developed house plans for Southern Living! "The World of Bob Timberlake Furniture" was also named the most successful furniture line in history. But what has made him so famous? Probably because he has always stood by his beliefs and stayed true to his convictions. Character counts! All of Bob Timberlake's products are more popular than ever and we are proud to show you a few of his great items. You may purchase all of his items through your local furniture companies or from your designer. See below for some examples of his great achievements.
This side table is the "Fireside Occasional Table" from Lexington Furniture. Size: 24" high x 14" square.
This photo features the "Tide Metal Lamp Table" with woven top and glass. Size: 27" high x 28" round. Sold through Lexington Furniture.

A more recent art print from Bob Timberlake, "Cape Fear Lighthouse Site" available through authorized art dealers.
Bob Timberlake's "Blue Ridge" Home Plan sold through Hearthstone Homes.

More information can be found at www.BobTimberlake.com.

Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Spotlight on Wood-Mode

I grew up as the daughter of a "cabinet man". My father sold cabinetry throughout his career and I learned the importance of a great kitchen. Wood-Mode has been a driving force within the cabinet industry for 60 years. When you choose an established company with a great reputation, you get a cabinet with a long lasting finish, the advantages of modern technology and limitless design choices. Wood-Mode has 85 custom wood finishes, 30 laminate choices and will also custom match for you. So think about choosing a great established company next time for your new kitchen or bath. You may be surprised at the choices and quality you will get! More information at the site: www.Wood-Mode.com. See some of the choices and photos from Wood-Mode below.
Urban Matrix Collection.

French Provence Collection.
Contemporary Synergy Collection.
European Country Collection.
British Classics Collection.
English Country Collection.
Pacific Origins Collection.
English Country Estate Collection.
American Mountain Collection.
All photos courtesy of Wood-Mode Cabinetry.

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