Seashell Furniture & Lighting in Black?

Black Seashells? These stunning creations of natural shells and wrought iron were created for a special setting. Not everyone will like these but you have to admit they are unusual! All the pieces are finished in Antique Black and add drama to wherever they reside. Above: The Seaside Mirror matches the console below. Finished in Antique Black and has six lights. A large size of 54" wide x 89" high x 13" deep.
Seaside Console Table - A creation of natural shells and metal coral makes a dramatic console table for a special room. Finished in Antique Black and is 63" long x 22" deep x 35" high. Matches the Seaside Mirror above.
Small Grotto Chandelier - The smaller version of the Grotto Chandelier below, this light has five candles and designed for lower ceilings. Finished in Antique Black and is 27" round x 27" high.
Grotto Shell Chandelier - This chandelier is made of natural shells and finished in Antique Black. This large chandelier has twelve lights and is 32" round x 45" high. Matches the smaller Grotto above.
Midnight Chandelier - A twelve light chandelier made of natural shells on a wrought iron framework. A matching wall sconce is below. Finished in Antique Black. Size: 45" round x 59" high.
Midnight Wall Sconce - A three light electrified sconce made of natural seashell material on wrought iron framework. Finished in Antique Black. Size: 25" high x 19" wide.

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