Almendro Flooring and Siding

Almendro 1x6x12 tongue and groove for flooring and siding.
Wood lot has been drying in block for 10 months. This flooring shows typical colour and grain variations.
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This sample shows the colour and grain variations. It is not nailed, milled yesterday and sanded with palm sander to 100 grit. Then a brush on sealer… the colour is brilliant. With little selection, you should be able to lay down the floor with the grain patterns in mind.
Our almendro has been drying almost one year in block. After it is milled, it will shed some moisture, and is adviseable to season the flooring and siding for at least a month in a dry and well ventilated condition. It is generally agreed that almendro does not hold as much water as other hardwoods, ie. nispero, and therefore shrinkage is relatively minimal.
Almendro, along with nispero, is
resistant to insects and water damage.


Beautiful chandeliers can add a new look to a tired decorating scheme. Whatever your style of home, adding a new chandelier can change a space into something spectacular. There are many styles available for all homes from casual to elegant. One of my favorite companies is Currey & Co. They create and design a line of lighting that incorporates historic designs as well as modern. Their use of many different materials sets this company apart and has helped it become a favorite with the design industry. The chandelier pictured is one of my favorites and comes from the Mansion Collection. Three sizes are available but to the trade only. Contact your designer or feel free to email us for more information.


There are many different ways to display your family photos or art collections. Group your framed pictures together on a shelf and display your collection as one piece of wall art. This will help to add interest to small groupings and adds weight to small items.

Photo by The Designer


Well, the old cabinetry of yesteryear just does not cut it anymore. New homeowners as well as remodelers want more for their baths then the usual basic bath cabinet. There are many new styles for cabinetry as well as pedestal sinks. Your designer can help you with the many choices available for your project. Our example is a beautiful french style vanity cabinet from GJ Styles shown in ivory. This comes with a single or double sink and includes a beautiful antique style faucet. Many other styles are available from this great company! (To The Trade)

Home Furniture

Home furniture is the collective term for the movable objects at home that support to the human body (seating furniture and beds), provide storage or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground. Furniture can be a product of artistic design and is considered a form of decorative art, but some time furniture also a symbolic or religious purpose.

The people who move or make a new house they will buy and put the furniture item in their house from the furniture store. They will buy furniture according how much they have budget and what kind of needs on their house. Home furniture has many style such as temporary furniture, transitional, eclectic, country and traditional style.

Furniture's product made by many of company and home industry which always coming in new model base on trend's design style. Artistic furniture mostly become interesting choice for the costumer.


Pairing Paint with Furniture and Accessories

Check out some of the latest colors from Pratt and Lambert Paints. Try several combinations to achieve your look for the room. Their
website has a color visualizer that can assist you in choosing your main colors as well as coordinates. Check the web for a retailer in your area.

Wall: 14-24 Anamite
Coordinates: 25-17, 8-23, 19-22, 2-20

Trim 101

To trim or not to trim! That is the question. Don't underestimate the value of adorning your pillows, draperies, bedding, etc. Trimming helps to emphasize, accentuate shapes and adds extra drama. When decorating a room, you do not need to trim everything. Choose a few items for the adorning of trim and coordinate with your fabrics and colors.
Example: Simple drapery panels look elegant and beautiful with a beaded trim down each interior edge. For a subtle effect, choose a trim that matches the fabric and for a dramatic approach, choose a multi-colored trim. This shows two different ways for adding color and drama to the same window treatment.

New trim colors to look for: Bronze, Vivid Blues, Golds, Silvers, Eggplant

Trims to check out!

Seabrook's new "Pickled" color - Oboe Ensemble Collection

Fabricut's new Mount Vernon Collection

Houles Antica Collection

Robert Allen's Lavish Pom Fringe

Place Vendome's Berlenga Braid with Dots

All of the above are "to the trade" and can be ordered through an interior designer.

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