Pared-back Paul

Paul Massey is a photographer based in London, who has a beautiful portfolio of work. His images often feature in gorgeous Brit magazine Living etc. I buy this magazine often, especially their famous annual 'white issue'.

Now Paul Massey's beautiful Victorian terrace home is featured in Living etc.

I adore the muted, restrained palette of Paul Massey's home: lashings of white, with soft browns and greys and a dash of black. Speaks of calm and sophistication to me.

A serial renovator, this is Paul Massey's tenth home he has brought to life by tearing down walls, adding french doors and bringing in lots of rustic, bespoke fixtures.

What was once a series of dark and pokey rooms is now bright, light and open-plan.

I love Paul's pared-back decorating style. It reminds me a lot of fellow Brit Atlanta Bartlett's style, just a touch more masculine and more minimal.

Paul and his daughter toured around Europe in a 60's VW campervan while the work was being done to bring the old place to life. They collected lots of beautiful curios along the way.

Paul's vignettes are spare, but beautiful and full of pieces with a lovely rustic patina.

Paul puts together his treasured, carefully collected pieces with a photographer's keen eye.

The home manages to be both spare and cosy at the same time. I could spend an hour or two lolling about on this couch with a good book and a hot chocolate.

If Paul Massey gets tired of photography, I think he should go into the decorating game! His house is simply stunning and inspiring.
If you would like a full tour of this delicous home, visit Living etc. To view Paul Massey's beautiful portfolio of work, go here.
Best wishes,

East meets west

I love it when a beautiful Asian antique is added to a room. Like a dash of soy sauce, it adds that extra zing, an added dimension that makes a room unique and personal.

Whether that be an ancient buddha.......

A beautiful console re-purposed as a bathroom cabinet....

Or any of the diverse pieces of Asian antique furniture.....

.....I just love the drama that an Asian piece can bring to a room.

I especially love when Asian pieces are put into a room that has a predominately Scandinavian look or a French look.

I think the juxtaposition of Asian furniture against more European-style pieces can prevent a room from looking too 'themed' and makes it more individual.

I have a number of Asian pieces in my home, some of which I've posted about before, but I'll put them all together in a post soon.

Best wishes,

Designer Details: Home Accessories

Details make the difference! Great accessories add the extra punch to your space and are many times overlooked. Global Views is one of the greatest accessory companies and one of the most popular with the designers. Their products have been in many publications and on TV, including programs The Apprentice and Extreme Home Makeover. These items shown are some of the most popular from this company. If you would like more information, just email us. Some of these products can be found on our site:

Excuse me while I jump up and down

Ok, slight deviation from theme here. But I'm so excited and I had to share it with you!

I've just found out that one of my favourite male actors - gorgeous Frenchman Guillaume Canet - is making an English-speaking movie! He stars alongside Keira Knightley and Australia's Sam Worthington in Last Night, the story of a married woman's temptation.

And who better to tempt her than the handsome Guillaume?

Oh I can't wait to hear him speak in English....I hope this movie comes to our shores soon.

Guillaume Canet, former husband of Diane Kruger, now partner of Oscar winner Marion Cottilard, is a big big star in France from what I understand. Wonder if this movie will make him a Hollywood star too?

Right, I'll calm down now.

Best wishes,

Bluff Retreat

This is the new cabin at Bluff Beach Retreat.
We supplied all of the cedar ceilings, almendro walls and floors.
The other photos are of the main house and the furnishings made by us.

bohemian décor rhapsody ...

continuing our design theme features ... here's the dish on bohemian décor.  Of course, we like it best when bohemian meets francaise for some gloriously quirky urban designs.

Bohemian décor mixes vivid color, draping fabrics, antiques and informal layering to create welcoming nests out of your rooms.  Think a melange of patterns, complimentary colors, eclectic pairings of modern and antique ... and with the splash of francaise you'll see some baroque hints, lots of gold and gilt ... and some of those classic lines found in antique french fateuilles and commodes.

Check out that wall arrangement in the mirror's reflection ... grouping a large collection of art ... perhaps using a constant frame color on different sized and shaped frames or the reverse ... same frame shape and size but a variety of colors ... is an example of a bohemian touch that is easy to create.

You don't have to break the bank ... consult with us for some whimsical repurposing of a thrift store find. We can also work with you to mine existing decorations to unearth treasures that bring your design vision to light in a whole new way.

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