How to add warmth to your home...part two

Last month I wrote about my love of wood, and how it can add a feeling of warmth to your home.

Today I am posting about my next favourite materials for adding warmth to your home - cane, wicker, rattan, rush...all those wonderful materials that are woven into bags, baskets, chairs and more.

This picture below is one of my absolute favourite pictures. I probably say that too often, but this is definitely in my top ten. I'm loving the old fan (one day I will get one, I came 'this' close recently but was outbid), the old desk, the fabulous lamp but most of all I love the cuttlefish baskets on the wall with the lettering stamped across them. Text and texture - this makes me happy!

The colour of cane and wicker helps wins me over - ranging from soft barely-there sandy hues, to rich chocolate browns. All the different weaves catch my eye too.

These cane chairs below blend beautifully with the old wooden trestle table, but also add another element of touch-me-texture.

The deep browns of this cane lampshade blends in beautifully with the browns in the figurine, the metal fruitbowl and the picture frame. I don't think this was some happy accident, but the result of an artist's eye.

Love the baskets below, with their lovely little tags, and the collection of beach bags, casually stacked on top of this console.

More great baskets adding colour and texture, and blending and contrasting so beautifully with the wonderful warm hues of the wardrobe and the leather bags. Leather and woven materials are a classic combination.

Next up is a divine collection of hats, bags and fisherman's baskets, all in delicious honey shades. Look closely and you can also see the cutest little lamp, complete with leopard skin shade!

Take away the bags in the next image, and the image would be rather dull - but the texture of the bags and the differing weaves add contrast and interest to the vignette.

Here's some more basketry with text stamped on it - just so perfectly gorgeous....I want them! This could be a project to try one day....

I have recently bought a basket exactly like the one in the picture below. Just one more to the collection - I have woven butlers trays, a cane trunk, cane baskets on top of my kitchen cabinets...the list goes on!

Images 1 Unknown - from my style file 2 Tine K 3 Australian Home Beautiful 4 Australian Home Beautiful 5 Interiors (now defunct) 6 Notebook Magazine 7 Country Living 8 Toast via Absolutely Beautiful Things 9 Atlanta Bartlett 10 Australian Country Style 11 Dreamhouse

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