Chairs: Stylish Chairs by Artistic Frame

One of my favorite sources for unusual chairs is Artistic Frame. This is a company that sells "to the trade" and is highly used by top designers. Their specialties are chair frames that can be ordered in a multitude of finishes and to be used with the designer's own choice of fabric. The finish techniques and the quality of the product is unsurpassed in the industry. Below we are highlighting some of these great chair frames shown already finished with fabric and stain and/or paint. Check with your own designer for more from this great company! Above: Klismos Lounge Chair - Inspired by an ancient Greek design with simple lines and a gently curved back. Art Deco Collection.
Jefferson Chair - Adapted from an original high back version from Massachusetts, circa 1790. A Hepplewhite style from the Federal Collection.

Chauchet-Guilleres Chair - A classical deco interpretation from leading French designers of the period. Simple, yet elegant shape from the Regency Collection
Louis XVI Chair -This revival chair has a standard cane back and seat with a loose down cushion with a neoclassical motif. Traditional Collection.
Monarque Chair - This chair reflects Louis XIV's ardor for the magnificent baroque style of its day. French Collection.

Scroll Chair - Inspired from a chair by Robert Adam, circa 1765. The upholstery simplifies the chair's appealing curves. Transitional Collection.

Dupas Chair - France was dominated by tapestry covered chairs similar to this style in modern 20th century decor. Modern Collection.

All of the above chairs can be purchased through your designer from Artistic Frames. Check at their website for more great styles and inspiration!

Real or Fake? Take The Leather Test! Designer Products For Any Home!

Real or fake? Here is the test. Scroll down through the products and see if you know whether they are real leather or fake. Then see the descriptions at the end of the article for the answers. All of these products are top sellers and are beautiful in fake leather or real leather. You may find out more information on each at The Designer Insider website. Just search with the item number you see here. Have fun! Above: GJLU172.



More information: The Designer Insider website. Just search with the number you see here for pricing and description information.


GJLU172 - Beautiful distressed leather ottoman in dark brown.
GV880991 - Dark brown leather beveled mirror with stud detail.
GV880634 - Gorgeous leather boxes in green or pumpkin.
UT23008 - Large round storage ottoman in brown faux leather.
GJ125 - Leather business bag made from full grain, not pieces.
GV880997 - White patent leather mirror with decorative studs.
GV991150 - Modern umbrella stand in red leather or black.
UT23024 - Faux leather ottoman with storage in unique round shape.
GV990933 - Iron scroll bench with leather seat.
GV880994 - Bright green leather beveled mirror with decorative studs.
GJ68 - Leather gladstone bag made from full grain leather, not pieces.
UT23005 - Faux leather square storage ottoman in dark brown.

OceanFare Half Hulls

OceanFare half hulls are crafted of beautiful mahogany on frame wood.

They are handcrafted by a highly specialized artisans guild in the Dominican Republic according to the strictest of standards. These artisans are highly trained experts, using computer aided design to obtain 100% accuracy in replication. The workmanship is unbelievable! Five coats of lacquer give the work a radiant polish.

History of Half Hulls

The art of making half hull models is as old as shipbuilding itself. Half hulls were traditionally crafted by ship builders to give a three-dimensional shape to their hull designs and aid as a model in the construction of the real boat.

Over time, sailors, boat enthusiasts, and model collectors around the world began to value half hulls for their own artistic and intrinsic value. Today half hulls adorn the walls of offices, living rooms, libraries, restaurants, and pubs world-wide.

Each OceanFare half hull comes attractively framed on solid frame wood, perfectly showcasing the hull itself. A gold colored plate handsomely displays the name and year of the model.

winter comforts ...

As the seasons begin to change and temperatures cool ... we think of cozy nights at home, relaxing in front of a fire ...

We just finished off this fun, old-fashioned rocker which would be a perfect by-the-fire addition. Just imagine a cup of cocoa and a toasty fire as you slowly rock in front of the warmth!

Mignonne has loads of cool furniture accents at affordable prices to help you feather your nest for the fall and winter season.

Anna French: Designer Fabrics With Glamour!

I first fell in love with the Anna French Collection when I traveled to London for the first time. The freedom to walk down King's Road and visit all the fabric stores that were unattainable in the States was too much fun to bear! I visited the Anna French store and purchased hand made pillows in some of her glorious fabrics. Well, it has now been twenty years since that wonderful day and I still love the patterns of wallcoverings and fabrics that make Anna French famous! Anna began her company in 1976 and has never looked back. She began with her lace collection which we have two samples of below. Her business really took off when she introduced her children's collection in 1994. Look for more information on this great line coming soon! In 2007, Anna French teamed with Thibaut to benefit from their business expertise while continuing the creativity of a small firm. Enjoy the fabrics and wallcoverings we are highlighting from her great collections and let us know about those you love! Above: The chaise is upholstered in Velvet Jacquards "Pink" fabric.
This Velvet Jacquard wallcovering is in the Gold-Flock colorway and matches the Velvet Jacquard fabrics. Nine colorways are available.
This wallcovering is shown in the brown/gold colorway and comes in 9 patterns and colors. Matches the fabric collection of Velvet Jacquards.

This wallpaper pattern in the Wild Flora collection is "Songbirds". Unique and colorful in 7 different colorways.
The fabric pattern shown is Palm Tree. It comes in Natural or Red, as shown. The fabric is a linen/cotton blend and is a gorgeous pattern to make a focal point in your room.
This wallcovering is called Spot! The above is in the color Gold, three other colorways available. Simple yet elegant!
This lace pattern, "Songbirds", has a Victorian feel. Matches the songbird wallcovering in the Wild Flora collection.
Part of the Anna French lace collection, this pattern "Daisy Madras" is perfect for a child's room! I love the petite daisy throughout this lace.
This beautiful wallcovering pattern is shown in the gold/silver on off white. So glam! This pattern is called "Wisteria" and comes in 10 colors.

All fabrics and wallcoverings can be purchased through The Designer Insider, send for a sample before purchasing! Email:

Bamboo Moulding - Exotic, Ecological, & In Stock!

Bamboo is one of the most beautiful, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and unique products in the molding market today. Realizing the aesthetic, structural, and environmental benefits of bamboo, more and more people are using bamboo to replace their old molding and are installing bamboo molding in new homes. Because of the popularity, bamboo molding is also in high demand. However, bamboo molding is often difficult to find and takes a long time to order. JMX accommodates this demand by emphasizing bamboo molding and offering a number of features that other suppliers do not:

  • We have a wide variety of bamboo molding items in stock, ready to ship
  • We will accommodate your deadlines and will ship to your location
  • We accept special orders and custom requests
  • We also carry a variety of molding, including specialized molding and custom requests
  • We offer scheduling options for regular orders - such as monthly and quarterly orders
  • We can support high-volume orders
  • We offer competitive prices and top quality products

Our pre-finished bamboo molding have all of the enduring qualities that you should expect:

  • GreenSpec listed
  • LEED Credits: MR Credit 6 - Rapidly Renewable Resources
  • Formaldehyde emissions of less than .5% surpass E1 standards
  • Factory applied multi-coat aluminum oxide finish
  • Easy to maintain and clean - never needs waxing
  • Lifetime structure/10-year finish warranty
  • Natural, elegant and beautiful
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Easy to install (nail or glue)
  • 25% harder than Red Oak, 12% harder than Rock Maple
  • More dimensionally stable (less expansion and contraction) than many commonly used woods, including oak and maple
  • High quality, tongue and groove, precision-milled

Our bamboo pre-finished moulding not only protect the environment, but also provide beautiful material that rivals the tensile strength of steel. Our company combines the majesty and magnificence of bamboo with the convenience of accommodating and attentive service. Invest in the future with JMX Bamboo moulding.

Welcome Rebekah Carey McNall, our newest Mignonne Intern!

Mignonne continues to extend our commitment to the East Bay Area by creating opportunities for young aspiring artists to demonstrate their creativity and gain experience in décor merchandising. We have a rotating internship program for design and art students in our local community.

We are delighted to introduce our newest intern for our fourth rotation of the program, Rebekah Carey McNall.

Rebekah is an Oregon native with Berkeley roots. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in theater.

Rebekah is already a familiar face at Mignonne, where she was a terrific part of our working team while Johnelle was in France. With Rebekah's new role as intern at Mignonne Décor, she will be designing the window displays and interior merchandising, as well as learning furniture restoration. She also enjoys creating hand-crafted greeting cards, repurposing furniture and general crafting.

Stay tuned to see photos of Rebekah's inspired window creations and store vignettes ... coming soon!

If you know of a local artist or student in the area that would be interestested in our program, have them contact us at Mignonne (contact details in our blog header). We'd love to have candidates in mind when we begin interviewing for our 2010 season (wow ... 2010!!!!)

New Lamps! Designer Lamps New From High Point!

New lighting from High Point! These are just some of the examples of lamps that we will be selling on our site before the end of the year. Unique lighting in graphic patterns and traditional themes will all be part of the new exciting additions! Pricing and descriptions are not available yet, but will be soon. Above: C06302. More info:
C08022 - Floor Lamp in Gold or Silver.
C08028 - Floor Lamp

All of these great lights will eventually make it onto our website, The Designer Insider. Check out the lamp styles we have now! Great styles from contemporary to traditional!

we can help you shed some new light ...

We've been telling you about our great furniture services and how we can help restore an old piece into something new and beautiful.

Well, that service includes lighting!

We recently worked with a client who brought in an old, beat-up light fixture found at a flea market. It was grungy, cobwebby iron and the wiring was shot.

We collaborated with the client to understand the look they desired. Clean, rustic, simple ...

Here's the after-product ... after a good, restorative cleaning of the iron ... we painted it a matte black. Then, new wiring was installed by our electrician partner.

Voila! a one-of-a-kind, functional fixture, saved from the landfill and returned to practical beauty.

Also at Mignonne, you will begin to see a selection of custom designed light fixtures in a variety of themes.

Johnelle is creating unique chandeliers and lamps, using found items and industrial materials. She can also collaborate with you to bring a special collection of materials to new life.

Stay tuned here for more examples of this fun new offering at Mignonne.

Designer Chandeliers! New Lighting From High Point

New lighting from High Point! These are just some of the examples of chandeliers that we will be selling on our site before the end of the year. Unique chandeliers, lanterns and pendants will all be part of the new exciting additions! Pricing and descriptions are not available yet, but will be soon. Stay tuned for our preview on our new lamps from High Point too! Info: Above: C09011



All of these products will be available at a later date on The Designer Insider.

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