OceanFare Half Hulls

OceanFare half hulls are crafted of beautiful mahogany on frame wood.

They are handcrafted by a highly specialized artisans guild in the Dominican Republic according to the strictest of standards. These artisans are highly trained experts, using computer aided design to obtain 100% accuracy in replication. The workmanship is unbelievable! Five coats of lacquer give the work a radiant polish.

History of Half Hulls

The art of making half hull models is as old as shipbuilding itself. Half hulls were traditionally crafted by ship builders to give a three-dimensional shape to their hull designs and aid as a model in the construction of the real boat.

Over time, sailors, boat enthusiasts, and model collectors around the world began to value half hulls for their own artistic and intrinsic value. Today half hulls adorn the walls of offices, living rooms, libraries, restaurants, and pubs world-wide.

Each OceanFare half hull comes attractively framed on solid frame wood, perfectly showcasing the hull itself. A gold colored plate handsomely displays the name and year of the model.

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