Paint Color Help! Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part One

My favorite paint company is still Farrow & Ball. Why? Because they do all the work for you! This grouping is just an example of one of the color palettes they have put together for you. There also is much more here to see than meets the eye. If you go to their website link, Shop For Color, you can click on each color below from the chart. Each of these colors has other examples that coordinate also, making these colors just the tip of the iceberg! This paint is wonderful to lay on the walls and you will never be disappointed. Go to their site for more great colors and ideas.
We have three more groupings to show you, so stay tuned the rest of the week!

Aquatic Palette - This palette of colors creates a gentle and tranquil scheme defined by the elements. Subtle, yet natural colors are contrasted with strong blues for a diluted watery look featuring freshwater tones.
Top Row: Drawing Room Blue/Pavilion Blue
Second Row: James White/Strong White
Third Row: Blue Ground/Tunsgate Green
Fourth Row: Hague Blue

Stay tuned for three more palettes!

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