Paint Color Help: Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part 3

This is part three of our series from Farrow and Ball's new color predictions. This is the industrial palette that creates a contemporary scheme. Go to the Farrow and Ball site and click on any of the colors below and other coordinating colors will be available too. You can double your color choices just for one project! Be sure to check our other schemes and stay tuned for Part 4!

Industrial Palette - This unique blending of colors is inspired by industrial architecture where the old and new are combined. Modernity meets traditional in this palette of muted tones that mimics earthy shades and natural materials.
Top Row: Setting Plaster/Pavilion Gray
Second Row: Cornforth White/Blackened
Third Row: Down Pipe/Orangery
Last Row: Babouche/Off-Black

Check back for palette #4!

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