Paint Color Help - Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part 2

This is our second in this series of color predictions from our favorite Farrow & Ball. This collection called Glitz and Glamour, includes bright and rich colors. Go to their Shop For Color, and click on any favorite color including these below. You will find many more coordinating ones already chosen for you! Stay tuned the next two days for our next color palettes, two to go!
Glitz & Glamour Palette - This palette celebrates the decadent look that is all about excess and indulgence. Rich and opulent shades alongside metallics creates an extravagant feel. A palette not for the faint-hearted!
Top Row: Brinjal/Cat's Paw
Second Row: Savage Ground/Porphyry Pink
Third Row: Cinder Rose/Ringwold Ground
Last Row: Pitch Blue/Churlish Green

Stay tuned for two more palettes to come!

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