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Metal crafts were popular in the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Metal sculptures and statues retelling of the ancient civilization. Metal castings, sculptures, inlay and sconces are known in the Indian handicraft industry. Metal items require hard work and with an increasing use of advanced methods of mechanical production, the quality of these products has improved considerably. Different parts of the country shows its own craft in either metal, wood or other crafts such. Tanjavur metal works, stone carvings from Mamallapuram, Kanchipuram silks are available in Chennai. Indian handicrafts industry is known worldwide for its most popular crafts, including pottery, clay, wood work, metal work, sculpture, scarves, shawls, textiles, embroidery and fabrics, Zari, jewelry, etcUna huge collection of Indian handicrafts like photo frames, vases, glass bowls, is the candle, incense stick is, tables, carpets, cushion covers, mats and rugs, religious statues, wall hangings, ladies bags , handmade bags, handmade paper products and many more.

The expensive form of metalwork is white metal. White metal vases, mountains of white metal, white metal photo frames, a table lamp white metal, idols or statues of white metal, candlesticks, jewelry boxes, etc., are some of the articles made of metal, .

Make use of the fantastic selection of expensive handicrafts, sculptures and textiles. Bronze and copper are commonly used in the development of Indian metal handicrafts. Metal works including tapestries, candlesticks, water pitchers, sculptures, metal bell, sculptures, etc. The practice of using metal ornaments and jewelry that make up the collection of antiquities dating back to ancient times. Craft, as well as beautiful jewelry is also composed of straps, columns, crowns, decorative pieces, photo frames, wall hangings, etc. Other popular craft items are made of metal jewelry boxes engraved with beautiful designs out, cooking , household utensils, personal items, home accessories, etc.

Wooden Handicraft Indian Culture

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Handicrafts reflect the tradition of a particular place. Bring stories back to 1000 years of kings and queens, and tells stories about a particular culture and heritage. Wooden handicrafts like wooden figures, gold painted figure, wooden chess, wooden animal figure and other Indian handicraft items are very well designed wood by the artisan.

When you have a close look at these articles of wood, which faithfully reflect the spirit of Indian craftsmanship, along with the right shades of traditional beauty and style. They are popularly used as gift items because of its beautiful appearance. Handicrafts of India are well known for their traditional and ethnic designs. The craftsmanship is very flourishing industry in India because of its great diversity and cultural richness.

A wide range of crafts ranging from stone, metal, glass, wood, paper mache, bamboo, clay, cane, ceramics, textiles, ceramics, etc. brings home its uniqueness. An important part of it is exported to other countries, the most popular items among the handicrafts of India are candle, a pen, vases, bronzes, Christmas ornaments, pottery, paper mache and other paper products. Different parts of India is famous for its unique collection of crafts from northeastern Manipur, Tripura, Northern States of Rajasthan, Gujrath, Kashmir or the southern part, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. Each of these states has an extensive collection of handicrafts to offer with its own individuality. As the craft of design, sizes and finishes are a magnificent job and the experience of creative craftsman. Metal crafts make use of metals such as gold, silver, white metal, iron, semi-precious stones and sand stones have carvings and engravings in beautiful designs. All lovers of the craft, do not miss the crafts and exhibitions that offer a plethora of handicrafts. Take a look at the world of crafts!
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