What a difference a little sprig of nature makes

I love how just the smallest touch of nature can really lift a room.

A couple of blooms in an old bottle, or a bunch in a bucket or a jug will add a lovely touch.

Some spring blossoms from your garden can add a sweet and fresh touch.

You could pluck some palm fronds from your garden.

Some branches even!

Or how about some herbs?

Or some good old Australian gum leaves!

Images 1 - Robin Stubbert 2 - Paul Massey 3 - Indenfor & Udenfor via An Indian Summer 4 - Atlanta Barlett 5 - Country Home 6 - Sam McAdam via The City Sage 7 - Better Homes and Gardens 8 - John Gruen 9 - Australian Country Style 10 - Katie Stassi 11 - Simon Kenny Content 12 & 13 Australian Country Style 14 - Country Home 15 - Jonny Valiant 16 Day Birger et Mikkelson 17 & 18 - Australian Home Beautiful 19 - Australian Country Style

This weekend I'll be buying some little blooms and I'll put them in a pharmacy bottle.

On a personal note, I had a great day today!

Firstly I made my boss cry. But in a good way. We finished a massive, year long project this week and today I bought her some flowers and a card to say thank you for all the support she has given me along the way. She was overcome with emotion! We then went out with the rest of the team for a fun lunch.

Secondly, my dear friend Kath appeared on television! She is a chocolate reviewer, so there was a feature on A Current Affair on Channel 9 about her. She was her fabulous, funny self, which I loved.

Thirdly, I got mentioned in the Washington Post! Wow!

Fourthly, I got mentioned in the Washington Post along with my lovely blog friend and fellow South Australian Millie from The Laurel Hedge. I couldn't be more chuffed to be mentioned in the same breath as Millie as she not only has a gorgeous blog, but she cracks me up all the time and writes me the most inspiring, sweet messages to me and fellow bloggers out there. She's always making me smile and she's such a kind and generous person.

And fifthly....I get to see my lovely boy, who's been with his dad most of the week. Yay!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

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