Almendro Flooring and Siding

Almendro 1x6x12 tongue and groove for flooring and siding.
Wood lot has been drying in block for 10 months. This flooring shows typical colour and grain variations.
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This sample shows the colour and grain variations. It is not nailed, milled yesterday and sanded with palm sander to 100 grit. Then a brush on sealer… the colour is brilliant. With little selection, you should be able to lay down the floor with the grain patterns in mind.
Our almendro has been drying almost one year in block. After it is milled, it will shed some moisture, and is adviseable to season the flooring and siding for at least a month in a dry and well ventilated condition. It is generally agreed that almendro does not hold as much water as other hardwoods, ie. nispero, and therefore shrinkage is relatively minimal.
Almendro, along with nispero, is
resistant to insects and water damage.
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