Furniture Transformation.101.

We thought you'd like to see an example of our custom furniture redesign process.

Here's your run-of-the-mill chest of drawers. Tired finish, old drawer pulls, nothing too exciting going on here. (Maybe you have one of these in your garage or ... ?)

After a sanding to eliminate all traces of that faded brown stain ... we selected a combination of vibrant colors to spice up this piece. A sizzlingly pimento and hot-cha-cha teal green. This palette inspired the name (a new habit we've acquired...naming our custom furniture pieces) "Frida's House". Frida just sold for $135, but don't worry. We can make you a dream chest of your own ... just give us a buzz!

We think you'll agree the final outcome is "Muy Caliente!"

Hotfoot it on down to Mignonne D├ęcor in Berkeley (2447 San Pablo Avenue) to see what else is cooking!

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