Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Spotlight on Wood-Mode

I grew up as the daughter of a "cabinet man". My father sold cabinetry throughout his career and I learned the importance of a great kitchen. Wood-Mode has been a driving force within the cabinet industry for 60 years. When you choose an established company with a great reputation, you get a cabinet with a long lasting finish, the advantages of modern technology and limitless design choices. Wood-Mode has 85 custom wood finishes, 30 laminate choices and will also custom match for you. So think about choosing a great established company next time for your new kitchen or bath. You may be surprised at the choices and quality you will get! More information at the site: See some of the choices and photos from Wood-Mode below.
Urban Matrix Collection.

French Provence Collection.
Contemporary Synergy Collection.
European Country Collection.
British Classics Collection.
English Country Collection.
Pacific Origins Collection.
English Country Estate Collection.
American Mountain Collection.
All photos courtesy of Wood-Mode Cabinetry.

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