Enjoy an intimate, cozy meal with an Amish handcrafted Breakfast Nook Set!

Breakfast nook sets are for a lot more than just breakfast! The kitchen is the heart of the home and what better place to gather than at a beautiful, solid wood breakfast nook set! Families will also enjoy relaxing and playing games around the breakfast nook kitchen table. Breakfast nook sets will be a fun spot for kids to do their homework and enjoy snacks with friends.

Breakfast nooks are often found in the kitchen but can also be great for dining rooms, living rooms or even a family room! We sell many solid wood Amish Furniture breakfast nooks sets to restaurants and businesses as well! Breakfast nooks are a fairly new furniture item that came from a need for a less formal dining option. Families will continue to take advantage of the kitchen breakfast nooks space saving, comfortable dining option for the next hundred years!

Benches are a great seating alternative as you can fit a lot more people at a bench! Most of our breakfast nook benches also have convenient under seat storage! Everyone needs extra storage space for table clothes, placemats, cloth napkins and even kitchen appliances that you don’t want cluttering up your counters.

The kitchen table available with our breakfast nooks sets can often be customized with a trestle table base or a pedestal table base. Most of our breakfast nook sets typically come with an L-shaped booth that fits into a corner as well as a separate trestle bench for extra seating. All of our furniture is Amish handcrafted from 100% solid hardwood! If you would prefer chairs instead of the separate trestle bench we can make this adjustment for you as well. We can customize our breakfast nooks to fit the space in your home, business or the size of your family!

Why not enjoy an intimate, cozy meal with one of our Amish handcrafted corner kitchen breakfast nook sets?

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