Dutchcrafters is proud to sell dining room chairs from the Keystone Collection!

Dutchcrafters is proud to sell quality solid wood furniture from the Keystone Collection. Keystone Collection has been producing quality handcrafted furniture for over over two decades now. Their commitment to excellence, integrity of design, and insistence on the finest woods and craftsmanship slowly built a reputation for the Keystone Collections.

Your dining room chair gets the most use and abuse in your home. Here are a few construction details that allow our Dutchcrafters Keystone Collection to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all their Amish handcrafted dining room chairs.

The Keystone Collection’s Windsor Dining Room Chairs, Bow Back Dining Room Chairs, and other Bow Back Chairs use an intensive method of bending that combines steam to make the wood fibers pliable, and extreme pressure to form the correct shape. These solid hardwood bent parts produce a chair that has a definite strength advantage over their plywood counterparts.

Many of the Keystone Collection dining room chairs make use of super-strong mortise and tenon joinery, an age-old woodworking technique that has never been improved upon.

A specially formulated glue that goes beyond strength and longevity is used in all of our Keystone Collection dining room chairs. They build in a little elasticity that allows joints an imperceptible bit of elasticity, keeping the joinery in your chairs tight, wobble-free and functional for years to come.

Below are a few other of the Keystone Collections Chair Quality Features. Expert craft and care goes into every piece of this Amish handcrafted furniture. Hundreds of meticulous acts assure that solid hardwood is transformed into solid furniture, so durable it lasts a lifetime. So the real beauty of this Amish furniture is that the beauty lasts.

Chair Quality Features . . .

Solid Wood Construction.

Handcrafted from Appalachian red oak, Pennsylvania red cherry, or Northern rock maple.

Leveled Chair Leg. A precision-engineered saw cuts all four legs to ensure the chair sits level and flat on the floor. Chair legs are precisely trimmed and angled to sit solidly on the floor and also to give a very comfortable posture.

Finger Joining on Frame Chairs. Each corner of the frame chairs are permanently fused together by finger joining, a unique glue, one lag anchor and two screws. We fasten the hardwood securely.

Saddle Scoop.Provides optimal seating comfort.

Finish. Finish Begin with the end in mind. Start by choosing one of the hardwoods. End with selecting how to finish it. Premium water resistant conversion varnish finishes are standard, custom stain and paint colors are available. And remember, the pictures you see on our website do not convey the exact colors and textures of wood, leather and fabric. Ask to see actual samples. More are available than shown here.

The chair is expertly finished to leave a silky, smooth feeling. The underside of the chair is sanded and finished for beauty and to prevent warping and cracking. Two coats of sealers are used with sanding in between. The premium grade conversion varnish that is applied to all of our furniture is hard, tough and resistant to common household chemicals. This protective finish resists the absorption of liquids left on furniture surfaces and helps to eliminate watermarks.

Craftsman Signature.

Every chair is signed and dated by the craftsman who assembles it.

Call 1-866-272-6773 or visit online at http://www.dutchcrafters.com/ to all all of the Amish furniture in the Keystone Collection!

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