The fine craftsmanship of Dutchcrafters Amish Shaker Furniture is sure to make it a treasured family heirloom!

The American Shakers, striving for perfection on earth has left us with a lasting testament to their industry, in the shape of their furniture. People today admire Shaker furniture and architecture because of its simplicity, honesty, grace, utility and sturdiness. Clean, elegant lines and honest functionality make Dutchcrafters Shaker furniture one of the most popular and enduring furniture styles among the general public as well as Amish woodworkers. By concentrating on form and function they were years ahead of their time—the precursors to the modern movement where order, harmony and utility are the objectives of good workmanship.

Mother Anne Lee led the Shakers from England to American in 1774. The Shaker movement of the 18th and 19th centuries in America was characterized by communal living, celibacy, public confession of sins, pacifism, belief in equality of all people, and daily living designed to bring about the kingdom of heaven on earth. The Shakers were known for their inventiveness, outstanding craftsmanship, industriousness, and spirituality. They sought to live separately from the “world’s people” to produce all the goods needed for their own purposes and to produce income for the purchase of land. Many talents and occupations contributed to a legacy of fine craft and ingenuity, best known in their simple yet beautiful furnishings and tools.

Dutchcrafters Shaker Furniture is handcrafted from solid wood by experience Amish craftsman. Shaker furniture is a truly timeless furniture style that will fit in most home decors. The fine craftsmanship of our Shaker furniture is sure to make become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

Our Amish handcrafted Shaker furniture is not made in a factory! Each Dutchcrafters Shaker dining room table, Shaker dining room chair, Shaker Hutch, Shaker bed, Shaker Accent Table is made by hand with experience Amish woodworkers in a variety of solid hardwoods and finish options. Our beautiful Shaker furniture is made to order and does take time to custom build for our customers. Please allow 4-8 weeks for your solid wood Shaker furniture to be built. Call 1-866-272-6773 for assistance with one of our sales associates.

Our solid wood Amish Shaker furniture is made using Old World Craftsmanship techniques. All of our Amish furniture Ohio and Amish furniture Pennsylvania is proudly made in the USA! We offer Shaker Dining Room Furniture, Shaker Kitchen Furniture, Shaker Bedroom Furniture, Shaker Living Room Furniture, Shaker Office Furniture and more!

Call Dutchcrafters at 1-866-272-6773 for more information on Dutchcrafters Amish Shaker furniture!

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