Decorating Ideas: Faux Bois!

Faux what? Faux Bois is from the French word for "false wood", meaning the artistic expression of wood or wood grains in various medias. This was very popular in the late 19th century through the 1940's but has largely disappeared. Antique objects that may be found are now highly prized by collectors. This medium was used mainly for garden art such as planters and birdbaths. Faux Bois is known to use a combination of concrete, mortar and cement paste applied to steel frames or armatures in order to sculpt three dimensional representations of wood objects. Currey & Co. has brought back this great art form and they use a technique of applying concrete over a mesh frame. Their collection has hollow metal tubes instead of a dense wire frame, hence making the furniture lighter than the original versions. See some examples of their collection below. If you need more information, just email us:

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