Williamsburg Textile Patterns - Each print is framed in black and 23h x 22w.
Antique Garden Plans - Framed in black and gold, each print is 25h x 35w.
Verdant Columns - Framed in distressed silver, each 18h x 13w.
Paris Exhibition Chandeliers - Framed in gold leaf - Each 17h x 16w.
Clocks - Silver distressed frames surround the clock faces by Mark Thompson, each is 29 x 29.
Facades - Designed by Grace Feycock, these prints are framed in gold leaf and black and have a size of 17w x 21h each.
Antique Ship Plans - By Vision Studio - Dark brown distressed frames for an overall size of 18w x 22h.
Cluny Chandelier - By Candice Olsen - Set in a mirrored frame, the print is 27h x 31w.
Citte d' Europa - Beautifully framed prints by Joey Duncan. Each print is 42w x 18h. A best seller!
Gates -Each print is 14 x 14 and designed by Mark Thompson.
Vases - Each print is 23 x 23 and designed by Malanta Knowles.
Spiral Stairs - A grouping of colorful stairway photos in black frames. A best seller! Designed by Mark Thompson. Each print is 24h x 17w.
Scenes of New York - Each print is 16h x 13w - By Designer Malanta Knowles.

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