Design Ideas: Great Kid's Rugs

Great kid's rugs! As parents, we love for our kid's rooms to be special. Many new colors and styles are coming onto the market for decorating, but sometimes it is so hard to find that perfect rug to close the deal! So here are a few styles for you to enjoy. Just dream a little!
Rug above: Cutting Garden -"Grass"- 5 colorways, reversible, many sizes including custom available, from Capel Rugs.

Spring Bouquet - Reversible, cotton & poly, 7 colors, over 30 sizes including custom. Above: "Tangerine" by Capel Rugs.
Bandana - "First Blush" - 2 colorways, 3 sizes by Capel Rugs.
Camo - "Olive Brown" - 3 sizes in 100% wool by Capel Rugs.
Daisy - "Chocolate" - 3 sizes in 100% wool from Capel Rugs.
Zebra - "Black & White" - Wool rug from Pine Cone Hill.
Rainbow Seashells - Hooked rug from Pine Cone Hill.

Amanda Ticking - Many patterns and colors available from Pine Cone Hill.
Sunshine Blue - Also available in white - 2 x 3 - By American Cottage.
Dolphins Pink - Round rug by American Cottage - 2'6" acrylic.
Butterfly Pastel - 2 x 3 - From American Cottage.
Grasshopper - 2 x 4 - From American Cottage.

Contact us for information on the above rugs.

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