Decorating Ideas: Great Papers From Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball was founded in the 1940s and is still an extraordinary paint and wallpaper company that is popular around the world. The wallpapers are made using the real paints which makes it easy to match the correct paint color to the papers. This helps to make your room gorgeous from top to bottom. Also the papers are stain resistant and washable, which makes them fit into today's life styles for any family. Due to the nature of the process, each paper will be individual and have slight differences. This is intended and is the hallmark of the papers. They use only environmentally friendly water based paints using traditional techniques. The patterns are blocked printed and the stripes and stries are trough printed. The accuracy of color with the paints and wallpapers are extraordinary! Look below for samples of their papers and you will find more information on their paints in my article "Paint Extraordinaire" dated January 22nd. Enjoy the view!

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