Design Ideas: Special Fabrics To Inspire!

Tuscany - Brown/Sun
Sophia - Copper/Blue
Semiramis - Terra Cotta/Gold
Pandora - Spray/Metallic Silver
Obadon - Pale Blue/Charcoal
Matisse - Copper/Green
Labyrinth - Copper/Silver
Da Vinci - Petal/Metallic Silver
Cyrene - Blue/Gold
Carnival - Sepia/Parchment
Boma - Copper/Brilliant Blue
Aida - Purple/Yellow

Special fabrics indeed! What makes the above fabrics so special besides the brilliant hues, the metallic colors and the unique patterns? Well you would never guess, but this wonderful collection is 100% acrylic and can be used outdoors! Silkworks is a fabric company based in California which brings exotic fabrics with a touch of classical elements to the outdoors. But don't let that stop you from thinking of more ways to use this wonderful collection. I have used these fabrics for shower curtains, children's areas, pillows, chair covers and drapes. The stain resistance lets you take this fabric anywhere! So let your imagination run wild and find many uses for these delightful patterns in fantastic colors. Oh, and they come in cotton too for indoor use only. Sold through designers, just email us for more information.

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