Still searching

I was on a mission on the weekend to find a little white cupboard. No luck this time, but I will keep on searching.

But while I was out and about, I did find some other little treasures that I couldn't resist.

The rolling pin is vintage, from Denmark. I needed a rolling pin, and I thought this one was beautifully handcrafted and simple.
The silver icecream scoop has a wonderful patina, despite being new. I'm not really in to 'fake' old things, but this was too beautifully made to pass up.
The wooden brush is for cleaning kitchen items that can't go in the dishwasher. I love how an everyday item like a washing up brush can also be beautiful - function and form melding together beautifully! No plastic scrubbing brushes for me.
I also bought an old soda syphon bottle - a Woodroofe's bottle, which is a South Australian company. It is now sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards and if I find some more I might just start a small collection.
And finally, I bought some vintage style stickers. I have no idea what I'll use them for yet, but just thought they were so lovely and might come in handy for something!
The ironic thing is that I didn't buy a single one of these while at Strathalbyn yesterday. I bought these all on Saturday when I was supposed to be looking for fabric! The antique shops at Strath were full of china cup and saucer sets, cut glass, toby jugs and the like, which aren't really my thing. The few things I did like (some tiny silver boxes, a vintage electrical fan, some kitchen goods) were very very expensive - about double what I thought they would be. But it was a very pleasant day with the most beautiful sunny weather, and I got to sit on the grass by the river and chat to my friends after a leisurely lunch, so it was still worthwhile!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good start to your week!
Best wishes,

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