Decorating Trends: Collectible Ceramics

Serving Bowl
Scallop Bowls and Square Plates
Leaf Saucers and Pitcher
Rice Bowls and Latte Cup & Saucer

Athens in Georgia (not Greece) is mostly famous for the Georgia Bulldogs and the University of Georgia. This is a quaint but exciting town full of great shopping, restaurants, gardens and historical sites. But one place not on the maps is R. Wood Studios, known for the wonderful ceramics that are sold all over the country. Rebecca Wood and her 12 artists stay busy transforming Georgia red clay into works of art. These beautiful wares are not poured into molds, but are shaped by hand and come in an array of delicious colors. Each artist also creates their own one of a kind items that are sold in the studio's shop. Now you too can have a unique piece from Rebecca herself or from one of the many artists at the studio. The selection is ever changing as they are always creating! See more photos at the website:
P.S. A secret ceramic sale is at the studio a few times a year. Check for the dates!

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