Paint Color Help: Farrow & Ball's New Palettes!

This group has a coastal feel with a weathered faded look. Think about coastal inspired colors, rest, relaxation and driftwood and you will be inspired by this scheme. Try other colors such as: Skimming Stone, Elephant's Breath, Blue Gray, Raddichio and London Clay for another grouping with the same feel.
This group is heavily influenced by the environment but with an urban twist. Try other colors with this group such as Fox Red and Light Gray.
This sophisticated palette of strong colors are lifted by lighter tones to create a vintage feel. Other colors that can mix with this group are: Middleton Pink, Cinder Rose, Teresa's Green and Mahogany. The scheme above gives you a fresh palette that you know will work together.

Farrow & Ball is a family owned company and is sold through designers. Above, they have done the work for you! The combination of colors gives you the help you need to achieve a unique palette for your home. If you would rather use another brand of paint, then just use the above for a guide. More information can be found at their website:

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