Neutral Trim and Fabrics from Schumacher!

Marcel Tieback - This unique designed trim only comes in one colorway: Blanc/Linen. It has a long length of 33" and is 2.5" wide with a loop of faux leather for a modern appearance. Perfect decorative accent for using with natural draperies as seen here.

Andre Linen Tieback - This tieback has a lacy appearance with an open pattern that has been woven in linen and cotton. The accent of faux leather completes the design. It comes in just this one colorway: Oat. Size: 35" long x 3.125" wide.

The beautiful fabric on the pillow in the first photo is Roussillon Embroidery. A unique blend of linen/viscose/silk with a classic damask design. The shimmering threads are finely stitched in viscose and contrasts nicely with the linen and silk background. This colorway is Greige: the colorway on the pillow shown above is Chalk.

All of the photos and information is courtesy of Schumacher. To the Trade.

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