refinishing furniture is recycling, don't ya know?!

as you can probably tell by now, Mignonne is a big fan of refinishing and repurposing furniture. not only is it a wonderful creative outlet for Johnelle, it serves a purpose in the community - supporting sustainability efforts.

choosing vintage, repurposed furniture for your décor needs helps by ...

* reducing the amount of trees harvested for new furniture ... this conserves natural resources and energy!

* reusing existing furniture means one less item in a dump or landfill somewhere!

* recycling by refinishing a piece, transforming it into something new and usable again!

okay, those are all worthwhile contributions. but when you purchase a vintage piece at Mignonne, you can also satisfy your desire for beauty and chic in your living space. Johnelle's art background and flair for customizing furniture means you will have a uniquely beautiful décor piece for your home.

Johnelle can do a custom project for you, whether it is on a furniture element you already have, seeking out a special piece for you, or personalizing something we already have in stock.

Give us a call or stop by the store to discuss further ... and get on board for doing your part to green up our world!

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