Choosing A Chandelier: Traditional, Renaissance & Transitional Styles

There are many different styles of chandeliers and light fixtures available to the consumer, more than ever before. First you need to decide on your style, then size, then color. Try and keep all the lights within the area the same finish for a more cohesive look. For example: If you choose a main light in bronze, then your sconces in that same area should be bronze too. Below are some of our most popular fixtures categorized in three different styles: Traditional, Renaissance & Transitional. Look for more styles coming soon in our next article. All of these fixtures can be purchased at our site, The Designer Insider. Just search under the item number.

Traditional Styles: Top to Bottom - C09370, C09421, C09642 & C09880.

Renaissance Styles: Top to Bottom - C09216, C09405, C09474 & C09528.

Transitional Styles: Top to Bottom - C09224, C09467, C09498 & C09628.

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