Algerian Love Knot

Algerian Love Knot

An Algerian love knot is the knot fashion consisting of three or more metal rings that have been flattened and decorated with an intricate design Arabic. In some parts of the world, commonly known as Celtic love knot. This knot symbolizes love everlasting love and caring in a relationship. It is also a symbol of the integrity and stability in many cultures.

The beautiful necklace became a focus after launching the most successful film in the James Bond franchise, Casino Royale. It was used by the lead actress of the film, Eva Green. This beautiful necklace played a fundamental role in the film. This special edition love knot was made by Sophie Harley and costs a whopping $ 2,900. So the price makes it very expensive, however, love this knot has caught the eyes of the hardcore fans of bonds and not shy away from spending it.


Use of this beautiful piece of jewelry goes back to the Roman Empire, although there is evidence that much less available. Since ancient times people have believed that the knots have magical powers. These magical powers are used to create instances of good and bad in people's lives. Algerian Love Knot is primarily associated with love, care, health, climate and spirits. Ancient cultures found these knots as an important tool for magic tricks. But beyond the magic that these knots are also used for different purposes. For example, some Native American tribes love knots used as a symbol of communication and friendship. Love knots became known worldwide in the eighteenth century, as the fishermen use to tie the knot as a reminder of their loved ones. Love knots are also of great importance in the history of Ireland and Ireland are known popularly as Celtic knots or love knots.


There are many things that this knot love means. Today, many people attribute their own meanings or personal philosophies of this magnificent piece of jewelry, therefore, making this a feminine accessory popular topic in the world of beads. People who love knot love to see this as a perfect gift to express their solidarity. The complex knot design, represents the intensity and passion that love brings life. It also resembles the complexity of human emotions. Spiritualists see these knots of love as a symbol of both worlds. In Celtic mythology love knots are described as a symbol of the meeting of your loved one, even after death. Hippies see it as a symbol of eternity, which means there is no beginning or end.

As a gift

The most popular of these love knots is the knot of white gold love knot ring love. You can gift the necklace to his wife and similarly, a woman may present this ring to her man. If you are not in a relationship, you can also buy this beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself. Most people do not care about the importance and meanings that are associated with love knots. Just admire the necklaces and rings for his art, beauty and versatility. Love knots bracelets are also used as delighted that defines the attitude and is also considered a style statement. An Algerian love knot is a classic and modern accessory. As are available in various sizes, this beautiful love knot or ring is an excellent accessory for any outfit.
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