Visit for wonderful recycled products. The pendants above are fashioned from old seltzer bottles.
Shaw Flooring: Shaw has a firm commitment to going green, above is their long strip bamboo flooring with durashield. Another line of their hardwoods is the group "Epic", which uses up to two thirds fewer trees than traditional hardwoods. They have developed the world's largest carpet to carpet recycling process to turn old nylon carpeting into new Anso carpet. Their recycling efforts keeps 300 million fewer pounds of carpet from the landfills every year.
Cambria: Cambria is a nonpourous quartz countertop certified for its indoor air quality. Check for information on going green and Cambria's commitment to the environment. The counter shown is Oxford.

Ann Sacks Tile: This brushed recycled aluminum is pillow shaped with embedded glass centers.
Part of the Luna Collection.
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