St. Patrick's Day Every Day! Go Green!

Did you know..................
  • The average person throws away a half ton of trash every year?
  • The most common cause of pollution in our water comes from surface water from parking lots, yards and our streets?
  • Recycling one can will save enough energy to run a computer for three hours?
  • Buildings account for 48% of the greenhouse gases?
  • Yard and kitchen waste are 30% of our trash?
  • The green building market will rise from $7.5 billion in 2006 to $39 billion in 2010?
  • Large companies are jumping on the bandwagon and promoting green products? Such as Coca Cola, UPS, Home Depot, etc.
Going green is not a fad but will become our way of life. So get on the bandwagon and think green for your existing or new home. We will be showing green products in some of our articles, so stay tuned................
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