Book Review: FLIP! For Decorating

Elizabeth Mayhew has written a wonderful book about decorating, especially for the novice. This book has a page by page guide to transforming a room from the bare bones. Here is an overview into this wonderful book!

Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of color - Elizabeth also lists her favorite color choices.

Chapter 2 - Window Treatments - This chapter focuses on how to choose window shades and drapes with great tips on the subject.

Chapter 3 - 6: These chapters focus on the four most decorated rooms - the living room, family room, dining room and the bedroom. It will show you the progression of the room, step by step.

A great little book of ideas, tips and information that will make you Flip!  See a few of our favorite photos below from the book.

Starting from scratch!
Adding the important pieces!

The finished room!

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