Elongated Chandeliers! Use Over Counters & Long Tables!

Need an elongated chandelier for a dining table or counter? Here is a sampling of some of our favorites! All of these chandeliers can be found on our site The Designer Insider. Just search under the item number shown.

Item #C09982 - An unusual rectangular lantern with art glass panels and black wrought iron. Size: 41" long x 15" wide.

Item #C09965 - Beautiful hand woven metal shades on an iron chandelier of our old iron finish and details in distressed gold. Size: 46" long x 23" wide.

Item #C09859 - Subtle curves with unique hammered tips in our antiqued rusty bronze finish.  Size: 47" long x 22" wide.

Item #C09855 - Intricate ironwork with great detailing in a distressed bronze and gold finish. Size: 46" long x 22" wide.

Item #C09259 - An elegant chandelier with stunning ironwork in antiqued gold leaf. Size: 42" long x 17" wide.

Item #C09745 - One of our favorites and a best seller! Simple and elegant ironwork with graceful curves in our dark gray. Size: 44" long x 20" wide. Great price too.

Item #C09025 - A contemporary pendant style with antiqued mirror and antiqued silver leaf. Shade included. Size: 38" long x 15" wide.

Item #C09021 - A beautiful spray of delicate leaves in distressed gold leaf and silver leaf. Size: 43" long x 18" wide.

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