New! Log Furniture at DutchCrafters is pleased to announce a partnership with Montana Woodworks, the largest manufacturer and distributor of log furniture in the United States. Montana Woodworks is an Amish owned and operated business nestled in a small valley in the Purcell Mountains of Montana. Building log furniture since 1991, Montana Woodworks claims an unmatched level of quality and backs up this claim with a 20-year limited warranty on all its products. Its products range from the best selling log footstool to artistic masterpieces such as this log character queen bed. Act now to receive free shipping on all Montana Woodworks products.

Log furniture is popular for its simplicity in concept and its durability in design. The rustic appeal of log furniture is felt not only by log cabin owners but also by urban home owners that yearn to bring a little bit of rustic, a little bit of mountain and forest, and a little bit of long ago into their homes.

The mortise and tenon method used for joining the logs to one another is not just reminiscent of ancient methods, but it is also the method that produces some of the strongest and most durable furniture of modern time. The interlocking nature of mortise and tenon ensures that the furniture would hold itself together even if a powerful adhesive wasn't used to lock each joint.

Log furniture is an eco-friendly furniture. The logs are harvested from lodgepole pine trees that are standing dead (i.e. trees have died but have not yet fallen). This provides a valuable service to the ecosystem by reducing the fire danger caused by dead trees and by leaving more room for healthy trees to spread their branches. No trees are killed in the construction of this furniture.

DutchCrafters is committed to offering its customers a large selection of quality Amish-made furniture. By partnering with Montana Woodworks, DutchCrafters is adding more than 180 new products in 3 distinct collections. Take a look at these 3 collections and let us know what you think of them. Which collection do you like best?

The Montana Collection: The original log furniture line by Montana Woodworks, this collection has been around since 1991. The Montana Collection is characterized by a color contrast between sapwood and inner bark. Using draw knives, skilled artisans peel off all of the outer (scaly) bark and some of the inner bark in a process known as "skip-peeling".

The Glacier Country Collection: This newer line of rustic log furniture has become Montana Woodwork's best selling collection. The dark appearance of this strong rustic furniture appeals to many people. The Glacier Country Collection is characterized by a dark, strongly rustic appearance. This look is achieved by skilled artisans using draw knives. The skilled artisans peel off all the outer (scaly) bark but leave all of the smooth and inner bark. After assembly, these items are given a dark stain and are professionally varnished with a clear lacquer.

The Urban Reflections Collection: Also a new line for Montana Woodworks, the Urban Reflections collection has a slightly more urban appearance. It retains the simplicity and durability of log furniture without actually using any logs.

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