Beach Decor! Beautiful Lamps Perfect For the Sea!

This is the last of our series, Beach Decor! We have been highlighting beautiful products that are perfect for your beach house or a casual atmosphere. We have chosen some of the best lamps that we feel are perfect for the seaside setting in traditional and transitional styles. The lamps can all be purchased at The Designer Insider.

C06518 - This unique lamp that resembles a tree limb is finished in white with a modern styled boxed shade. Size: 37" high.

C06223 - This white washed wood lamp can be purchased with the floral shade seen here or with an off white shade. Size: 33" high.

C06344 - This tall driftwood lamp has hand picked wood to create this heavenly table or buffet lamp. Size: 33" high.

C06017 - This casual iron twig lamp is perfect for the seashore or the mountains. Size: 31" high.

C06763 - This white porcelain lamp is a rendition of coral finished in a lacquer for a sleek look. Size: 32" high.

C06342 - This driftwood lamp is perfect for desks or chest at 28" high. All hand made and hand picked wood!

C06497 - This more modern styled lamp has a unique finish with a ribbed design all in ivory crackle. Size: 28" high.

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