Beach Decor: Spotlight On Natural Mirrors!

Summer is around the corner and it is time to "spruce" up the beach house with new and exciting products. Our spotlight today is on mirrors to be used in a bath or just as an accent. All of these mirrors are hand made of natural materials. See some of our best sellers and favorites below in shells or driftwood! As always, no shipping! Find out more information at The Designer Insider.

C01325 - This beautiful mirror is made of abalone shells and is large at 34" high x 21" wide. $389.00, no shipping.

C04342 - This unique driftwood mirror is a round shape with hand picked natural wood. Size: 28" round at $355.00, no shipping.

C01348 - A BEST SELLER!! This square oyster shell mirror is the perfect accent! Size: 20" square at $295.00, no shipping.

C01322 - This unique mirror is made of natural shells all placed in rows. Size: 26" high x 21" wide. $305.00, no shipping.

C04341 - A favorite is this all natural driftwood mirror with an arched top. Size: 50" high x 36" wide at $1105.00, no shipping and comes motor freight.

C01320 - A BEST SELLER!  This simple round seashell mirror is a great accent for just about anywhere! Size: 21" round at $289.00, no shipping.

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